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Should jockstraps be required for middle school basketball?

My family moved this summer and I am going to a new school this year. I'm in the 8th grade. Since I played on the school basketball team at my old school, I tried out and made the team at my new school. At my old school, all boys on the team had to wear jockstraps. It was one of the rules on the list of rules me and my parents had to sign. Also, I've been wearing jocks for little league since I was in T-ball when I was 5. At my new school, it is not a rule, but I wear one anyway. I don't think I could play my hardest if I were wearing underwear. I'm the only boy on the team who wears one and some of the kids tease me for wearing one. I think they should be required and then all the guys would have to wear one. This poll is for boys who play on a basketball team.
Do you think middle school boys should be required to wear jockstraps for after school basketball practice and games?
Yes, sports teams should have rules about safety
No, just recommended even though some kids won't wear one unless they are required
No, kids should wear what they want, even if it is not safe
How old were you when you first wore a jock for sports?
5 or younger
16 or older
Never wore one (really, not ever? You should try one!)
If you wear a jock for basketball, why do you wear one? Check all the apply.
Safety, to prevent injury
Its a team rule and I need to wear one if I want to play
Its more comfortable than underwear for sports
I play harder knowing I'm wearing a jock for support
Underwear gets all sweaty, jocks are cooler
The other kids wear them
The coach recommended it
My Mom or Dad said I should
So after I shower and change back to my street cloths, I'm not still wearing sweaty underwear from practice!
Should a boy be embarrassed to wear a jock?
No, whats to be embarrassed about?
Would you wear a jock if you were the only one on the team wearing one, even if you liked wearing one?
Yes, why should I worry about what other kids are wearing?
Yes, I'd be embarrassed, but I'd wear one anyway.
No, I'd be too embarrassed, even though I wouldn't feel as safe or play as hard.
If jocks are required on your team, what happens if the coach finds out someone is not wearing one? Check all that apply.
The coach won't let him play
The coach lets him play, but tells him he'd better wear one next time
The coach sends a note home to the parents saying that he won't be allowed to play or practice until he wears the complete required uniform
The coach reminds the whole team that everyone must wear a jock to every practice with no exceptions
If jocks are required on your team, does everyone wear one?
Yes, everyone wears a jock
Most wear a jock
Only a few wear a jock
No one wears a jock
If jocks aren't required on your team, does anyone wear them?
Yes, everyone wears a jock
Most wear a jock
Only a few wear a jock
No one wears a jock
Are boys required to wear jocks on your basketball team?
Yes, a jockstrap is mandatory
Yes both a jockstrap and cup are mandatory
It is only recommended that we wear jocks, but not mandatory
No, it isn't in the rules or even mentioned by the coach
If jocks are required on your team, has anyone ever been caught not wearing one?
A few times
One time
If jocks are required on your team, what do the boys think about it?
They think it is a good rule
They don't like the rule
Some think it is a good rule and some don't like the rule
They didn't like the rule at first, but now they think its a good rule
If anyone was caught not wearing a jock, what was their reaction? Check all the apply.
They were really embarrassed to get caught wearing underwear
They admitted they were violating the rule and promissed to wear one the next day
They quit the team
They kept wearing underwear
They were glad they got caught because they had to start wearing a jock and they liked it much better
If jocks are required on your team, if anyone was caught not wearing a jock, how did the coach find out?
The coach overheard another player talking about it
The coach noticed it when he was walking through the locker room before or after practice
The coach asked and the boy admitted he wasn't wearing a jock
The coach noticed a boy's underwear riding above his shorts when he was playing on a skins team
If you have never tried wearing a jock, would you like to try one?
Yes, I'd like to try wearing one!
I already wear one
No, I'm not open to trying something different
This poll was created on 2006-11-24 17:29:09 by mark s 10