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Hard disk drive or solid state disk drives?

There has been a rise of the Solid State Disk Market for a number of years. Companies like Fujitsu & Samsung have already used these in their products. It is still in its infancy stage but it WILL be common in a few years.
Have you ever heard of the use of solid state disk drives replacing the 'normal' hard disk drive?
No, never heard of it in my life!
Yes, read it from thee internet/computer magazines before
Yes, one of my friends is using it already
Using solid state disk (SSD) drives' system is faster than using traditional hard drives; but how much faster do you EXPECT, comparing to a system with the same spec.? e.g. booting XP Prof.
<5 sec
About 5-10 sec
10-30 sec
30-60 sec
>1 min
Have you seen any computing systems using solid state disk drives from local high street stores?
Yes, they are everywhere!
No, but i could order one online.
No, I think i'm from the computing Stone Age; I'm still using Win ME
If you have a choice of two systems, one running on ssdd, the other with HDD; how much extra are you willing to pay?.
I expect it to have a same price tag!
>£150, it ain't ready yet.
How much space do you expect on a SSD?
4GB, which is enough to run my OS
>32GB, the more the merrier!
Which OS do you plan to use with the SSD system?
Win XP
Win Vista
Mac OS
Would you even try SSDD?
Yes, i already use a similar system @ work
Yes, i am strongly interested
Undecided, I am just curious
No, I am happy with what i am using
No, it's immature. In another decade perhaps
If you used it before, were you happy with your experience?
Yes, couldn't be happier. I urge all my friends to try it
Somewhat, it did what i expected
I was disappointed, had some good results but not as advertised
Never tried it
This poll was created on 2006-10-13 14:16:30 by Ken Chan