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Your future children

What's in store for them?
What do you think will be the quality of life for your children (not counting differences is quality of parents)?
My kids will grow up in a better world then I.
My kids will grow up in a worse world than I.
My kids' world will be a lot like mine.
My kids' world will be very different, but neither better nor worse.
I'm quite sure that I won't have any.
What about their education?
My kids will be better educated than me in high school.
My kids will be worse educated than me in high school.
Not much difference.
Which of the following 'hard times' do you think your kids will have to live through?
Economic depression and hardship.
Food shortages.
Environmental disaster.
Repressive government.
Social chaos and rampant crime.
Another member of the Bush family.
None of the above.
Are you worried about ethnic changes in your kids' country?
I'm white, and I'm worried about it.
I'm white and I'm not worried about it.
I'n not white.
How many children would you like to have?
Three or four.
Five or more.
If you could not have children of your own, would you adopt?
Yes, but only my own kind.
Yes, even if not of ny own kind.
Yes, even if handicapped.
Yes, in addition to my natural children.
No, I would only want my own.
No, I don't want any children at all.
Do you have any children now?
Yes, I'm married/partnered.
Yes, I'm a single mom with custody.
Yes, I'm a mom without custody.
Yes, I'm a single dad with custody.
Yes, I'm a dad without custody.
No, I'm the mother of a miscarried or adopted out child.
No, I'm the father of a miscarried or adopted out child.
No, I've never been involved in a pregnancy.
We are now expecting.
Multiple children, more than one answer applies.
Is your child abused?
Yes, I need help.
Yes, but I'm getting help.
Yes, by the other parent.
No, we're fine.
I have no children.
How do you feel about parenthood?
I wanted children, and I'm glad I have them.
It was an accident/mistake, but I'm OK with them.
It was an accident/mistake and I regret it.
I wanted children, but now I'm not sure I want them.
I wish I had waited until I was older.
I have none, and I want to wait.
I have none, but I want a child soon.
What do you think are the chances that the two natural parents of your children will be together at his/her HS graduation?
Not very good.
Who knows?
Pretty good.
Quite certain.
Who do/will your children think they are?
Accidents or mistakes.
Choices by parents who wanted them.
Gifts from God.
A part of the natural order of life on earth.
Playthings for you to use/control/exploit.
Your contributions to the future of mankind.
Something very different from the above.
This poll was created on 2006-10-20 13:34:53 by jtur88