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Attracting boys to ballet classes

I take ballet classes but am concerned at how few boys learn ballet.Why is this?
How do you regard ballet?
I think ballet is elitist and snobby.
I have no opinion on ballet.
I respect ballet but am not interested in learning.
I would like to learn ballet if the chance came up.
I am learning ballet/have learnt ballet.
How do you view people who attend ballet classes?
They're snobs and stuck up.
They're of no interest to me.
They're fit and atlethic looking.
They're dong something graceful and artistic.
How do you view how boys have to dress for ballet class?
They look like cissies in their tights and ballet slippers.
They can wear tights if they want it dosent concern me.
I think that boys look cool in ballet tights.
I would love to learn ballet so I could wear tights.
Now would your friends view you taking ballet classes?
They would laugh at me and make fun of me wearing tights.
They wouldn't care if I took ballet or not.
They would support me.
They would be interested in learning ballet aswell.
What would encourage you to learn ballet?
If I could wear ordinary leisure clothes insterad of tights and ballet slippers.
If it was viewes as an athletic activity rather than an art form.
The thought of being with lots of pretty girls dressed in leotards and tights attracts me.
I like the discipline of the barre exercises.
This poll was created on 2006-09-29 13:22:40 by balletgirl