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X men, Superman returns, Harry Potter. Movies with great magical qualities or incredible supernatural powers. Which powers and abilities would YOU like to have?
Which from the following (Xmen) supernatural powers do you find the coolest?
quick healing (Wolverine)
meteorological control (Storm)
telekenetic powers (Jean Grey)
manipulating of metal (Magneto)
mind reading (Xavier)
laserbeams (Cyclops)
superspeed (Callisto)
(physically) super strength (Colossus)
Which would you like to have?
ice powers (Iceman)
fire powers (Pyro)
Choose the one you prefer.
thick metal claws between the fingers (Wolverine)
thin metal claws as fingernails (Deathstrike)
Which power from the Xmen villains would you like to possess?
metal manipulation (Magneto)
change into someone else, EXCACTLY (Mystique)
release amazing shockwaves (Arclight)
superspeed (Callisto)
fire powers (Pyro)
Imagine you're Storm, who is specialized in meteorological powers. Choose her coolest action.
strike someone with a thunderbolt
freeze someone with a snowstorm
release a great amount of tornados
Imagine you're Wolverine. You have to GIVE UP one of yur powers. What will you choose?
the claws, made of the strongest metal
the ability to heal wounds very quickly
Okay, we're done with Xmen. Which element do you prefer to fight with?
fire (also volcanos&meteors)
water (also ice&snow)
air (also thunder)
earth (also plants)
I would rather...
have the ability to become invincible
have the ability to fly
have the ability to teleport
Which superman power do you find the coolest?
X ray vision
resist bullets etc.
You wake up, and you discover you have the ability to fly.
I would keep it secret for everyone.
I would tell my closest friends and family.
I would tell and show it everybody.
Would you like to have a supernatural power?
yes, it's one of my wishes
yes, but I don't care VERY much
no, absolutely not
I don't know
Choose one magical power.
summon dangerous insects to let them fight
paralyze people with a touch
Choose again.
change shape
slow the time
Choose again.
change into predators
affect the temperature
Choose again.
Predict the future
Heal wounds
Choose again.
resistance against physical attacks
Choose again(last time)
walk through walls
poison others
This poll was created on 2006-09-30 08:47:05 by gansaru