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Fear and Terror

How afraid are you?
How afraid are you, of terrorists?
Very very afraid that I will be personally killed by terrorists.
Quite afraid that terrorists will strike close to home.
Somewhat afraid that terrorists will make significant attacks.
Not very afraid that terrorists will affect my life.
Not afraid at all.
Mostly afraid of the way my government is over-reacting to terrorism.
What do you think American should do to become safer from terrorism?
All out military war, regardless of cost in money or lives.
Control countries that harbor terroristm.
Limited military effort aimed at actual terrorists cells.
Concentrate mostly on security at home.
Significantly reduce the Bill of Rights to restrict movement of potential terrorists.
Put Arabs/Muslims in concentration camps.
Get a life and stop worrying about a few terrorist attacks.
Become a better global citizen and stop behaving like we own the world.
Stop trying to force other people to live according to our values.
What do you think about the war in Iraq?
It was the right war and we are winning our objective.
It was the right war, but we are losing.
It was the wrong war, but it is making the world better.
It was the wrong war, and we are losing it.
This poll was created on 2006-09-16 19:55:45 by jtur88