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Girls/Ladies interest in "taken" men

What are some of your feelings about men that are dating or married being interested in you? What is your reaction?
What is your age?
18 or under
19 to 29
30 to 39
40 to 49
50 to 59
A man is dating someone else or married, but he seems interested in you - are you:
Disgusted - men are disloyal pigs
Excited - I love attention
Competitive - I am better than her anyway
Flirty - I will tease him like crazy
Evil - I'll make him admit he thinks I'm hot
Not anything - I won't waste the time until I find a single guy
My reaction depends on how he looks
What situation is most likely to get you flirting with the taken man?
If it's a total stranger I'll never see again.
If it's someone I see regularly, I like knowing I've always got guys who like me.
If it's my sister's man - revenge on her and good for me.
If I'm in a club and had some drinks.
Any where, any time, no man is safe from me.
Only on rare occasions when I'm in the right mood.
What is your best weapon to use against the taken man?
A little smile just so he knows I'm not disgusted.
My eyes make them weak
My chest is hard for them to ignore
My butt is what they are staring at
My hair gets lots of compliments
When I flirt with him, I know he can't think of anything else.
I say things to make him even more interested.
A nice, loud "NO!"
Just walking away.
How do you prefer he show his interest?
By looking and staring at what he likes about me.
By passing me a note or phone number.
By ignoring the girl he's with to talk to or look at me.
By telling me things he likes about me.
By winking and smiling at me.
I don't want his interest.
What kind of move do you make to be sure he is interested (or hooked)?
Show a little something.
Shake a little something.
Say a little something.
Smile a little something.
Stare at a little something.
Do pretty much nothing.
Walk away and see if he follows.
Just walk away, no time or interest.
This poll was created on 2006-08-27 15:29:39 by PollMakingPerson