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What Do You Believe

I am conducting a little poll to see what people believe about God. I would like to see at least 200 people fill out this poll. The idea here is information not judgment. I just want to get a glimpse of what people thinkg.
Do you believe in the existence of some type of God?
Which statement best describes your belief in God?
I consider myself a believer
I am curios about whether God exists
I doubt God exist
You would have to prove to me God exists
You cannot prove to me that God exists
What is the best argument in favor of God's existence
A complex nature suggests a creator not chance
There seems to be divine interventions in life
I intuitively know that a god must exist
I believe because I've been taught that God exists
Other (please post other responses)
What is your reason for not believing that there is a god?
Bad things happen to good people
There is no proof that God exists
God has not tried to reveal himself
I have not experienced anything supernatural
Evolution disproves the existence of a god
I intuitively know that there is no God
My parents don't believe in God so I don't either
How open are you to changing your belief about God if it were proven to be wrong?
I am totally unwilling to change my belief
The evidence would have to be overwhelming
I am open to change if I find something better
I believe my belief system needs to change
Help me change that belief
What do you think about how we got here
We Evolved
We were created
God created the model and then we evolved
There has to be another cause
I am unsure
It does not matter how we got here we're here now
What do you believe about evolution in relation to God
Belief in God and evolution are contradictary
Belief in God and evolution is possible
Belief in God and evolution is probable
Belief in God and evolution is synonomous
What do you believe about creation
It is what I believe because the Bible teaches it
It is what I believe because it is the most likely
It is what I believe because my parents did
It is what I believe because of tradition
I do not believe in creation
I do not know if I believe in creation or not
This poll was created on 2007-06-18 02:52:51 by floridatheologian