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Should a guy get a perm on the guys side or girls side?

My cousin is a hairstylist and has been encouraging me to get a "body wave" to give my hair some life... it's really thick and dead straight, but longish too. She just thinks it'll look better on me. I've found out now that a body wave is a bit like a permanent wave. What do you think of guys getting permanents (or body waves)? Also, if I go ahead with this, since not so many guys have perms and I am a guy, my cousin said she could do me in the guys part of the salon or the ladies part (they have it sort of segregated off for historic reasons). Which do you think would be better? I can see pros and cons to either side. Thanks Ash'
What's your opinion on guys getting body perms? I've separated out to see if guys and girls have different views.
Guys: Positive/encouraging
Guys: Neutral
Guys: Yuck/Hate the idea
Girls: Positive/encouraging
Girls: Neutral
Girls: Yuck/Hate the idea
Assuming I go through with the body wave/perm. Should I get it done on the guys or girls side? (The reason there is a different section is because the guys used to be a barber shop that was merged into this salon when the two owners married. So they just have separate identities with a common access at the rear).
Guys: Get it done on the guys side
Guys: Get it done on the girls side
Girls: Get it done on the guys side
Girls: Get it done on the girls side
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This poll was created on 2006-09-12 16:28:16 by Ashwil