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GUYS- *~What would you do if this happened to you?~*

GUYS ONLY. Answer based on how you think you would act, even if you wouldn't normally do this.
On the first day of class, your teacher tells you to introduce yourself to someone. You talk to the girl next to you. She seems nice, but shy—she doesn’t say much. A week or so later, you stare at that same girl during class and try to catch her eye. You do so because:
You want to be friends with her
You are romantically interested
You are romantically interested but want to become friends first
If the girl looks at you but does not smile, you would think:
She is stuck up
She is not interested in you
She could just be shy
She may not remember talking to you
She may not like people staring at her
You should try talking to her instead
You would not know what to think
How many times would you attempt to make eye contact with the girl (without her responding) before you would give up/stop looking at her?
5 or more
Depends how interested I am
It is a year after you finally stopped making attempts with this girl. You walk by her in the hall, and she smiles nicely and says, “Hi, (your name)”. You would:
Smile and say hi
Give her a dirty look and keep walking
Ignore her and keep walking
Say, “Oh yeah, NOW you talk to me”
If this happened, you would:
Be happy
Be really confused
Think she must just be shy since she didn’t smile or say hi last year
Think she must not have realized you wanted to talk to her last year
Would you then be willing to try to become friends (or more) with this girl?
Yes, everyone deserves a second chance
Yes, but only if she explained why she acted that way the year before
No, too little too late
No, I would be too hurt from the year before
Has anything like this ever happened to you or a friend?
Yes, me
Yes, a friend
Yes, myself and my friend
This poll was created on 2006-08-23 00:10:50 by Kendall1819