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Totalitarianism and Authoritarianism

Unlike most people, I find myself somewhat in favor of such an idea. Lower crime rates, lower income disparity, stronger and better defended nation and a stronger economy with the Government and Business working hand in hand with economic goals and improving this nation.
Governments such as the today's People's Republic of China, 3rd Reich Germany and Stalinist Soviet Russia actually had strong economies, high productivity and there was very few unemployment, what do you think caused this?
Strong sense of Social order and government ownership or partial ownership of business to promote national goals
Obedient people that are willing to work
They were forced to work, if they striked or protested, government soldiers and police would round them up and shoot them.
The Falun Gong is a cult that is full of arrogant zealots that believe in stupid things like that modern medicine is evil and stuff like that, they complain that the Chinese government is Oppreeeesing them. What should the American government do about cults like the Falun Gong, Scientologists, Nation of Islam or the Ku Klux Klan, ext.
Use soldiers and police officers to round each of those low lives, send them to detention centers, force them to tell us about their vital information, such as leaders and headquarters, if they don't talk, execute the cult members.
Use survaillence on the houses of members and even their leaders, if any one of those freaks are up to no good, arrest them.
Leave them alone, only arrest people if they are doing harm to people! Government has no right to "engineer" political, religion and social beliefs of people, even if they are crazy and insane.
Christian groups have been complaining about how stem cell research is "immoral" and "inethical" what should we do with them.
Blow up a church, show those bleeding hearts that their "lord and savior" is no match for America's military and police might!
Put all the known devoutly religious members of the certain sect and denomination of the religion speaking out against your government into FBI and CIA funded "Re-education centers"
Do nothing! They are only speaking out about their opinions...
What should we do about the CIA and FBI
Homoginize the CIA and the FBI together to create a national police force similar to the KGB or the SS, wiretap everyone's phones and internet, record all their conversations on phones, IM or emails, arrest anyone who conspires against the government.
We don't need to homoginize them to create a "secret-police" force, but we can give more funding to the FBI and CIA as well as relax some constituional barriers.
NO! NO! NO! I do not want to live in some kind of damned police state, I want to live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany or Red China. The PATRIOT act is already too much, Benjamin Franklin must be rolling around in his grave right now.
Do you think a one-party government system would be advantageous to the US government.
Yes, we also need to "silence" those who disagree with the party. So-called "Independent" pundits such as Michael Moore, Michael Badnarik, Michael Savage and Michael Peroutka won't live to see the light of tommorrow.
Hmm, We could somehow merge the Republican and Democratic party together and somehow come up with a compromise so that both parties can merge without much hassle.
No!!! Heck, I think the two-party strangle hold on American politics is oppressive enough, we need to make the 3rd parties such as the Greens, Libertarians, Reform and the Constitution parties more known and represented for a more fair and competitive and democratic democracy.
Should government control business?
Yes! We should force businesses and corporations to give up ownership or at least sign "partnership pacts" with the government. If they don't, then our soldiers should enter their corporate headquarters and ransack it, if they still don't comply, blow up their corporate headquarters.
Nah, no need to get extreme...but subsides and partial government control of business should be enough to promote national goals.
WHAT!!! I want freedom, not another damned Bolshevik or Maoist revolution on American soil. I don't want blood thirsty soldiers, "secret" police or fanatics on MY property ordering me around like I'm some kind of slave.
Let's say the Aztlan group protests in on the streets of Pheonix, comming up with their crazy "Aztlan belongs to Mexico" rallies as well as the occasional spouting out hate for the "gringos". What should the government do?
Shoot to kill...period
Use non-lethal weapons against them. Tasers, rubber bullets, night sticks, fire hoses, ext should be enough to subdue them.
Don't Do anything! The Police and Riot troops should only act if those Aztlan people get too rowdy, if so, the police should not act in a brutal or lethal fashion.
This poll was created on 2006-07-23 15:57:46 by USSA Soldier