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The Weirdest Case Scenario...What would you do?

What would you do in any of these oddball situations?
If you had to pee really REALLY badly, and somebody told a joke that made you laugh so hard that you wet yourself a little bit...what would you do?
Laugh? I never laugh.
Pee? I never pee.
Pretend nothing happened...nobody will notice a little spot.
Run for the Bathroom.
Sit down and cross your legs.
Point at the spot, laugh harder, and walk around the room showing people.
If you were at some sort of school function, and you saw a group of kids sneaking off with water balloons... what would you do?
Hide. Quick.
Run after them and ask to help. You'll get your English teacher back for that 'F'.
Run after them, asking what they are doing, and alerting the teachers on the way.
Watch idly, not getting the point until one of the balloons hits you on the head.
Pay the kids too aim at your enemies.
Pay the kids to aim at your friends.
Hit the fire safety button, making the water sprinklers go on, and shout, "Wet T-shirt party!!"
If one of your parents walked in on you shaving your genitals... what would you do?
Scream and cover yourself.
Blush like a tomato.
Ask if they know where the shaving cream is.
Ask if they can help you in the back.
Shrivel up and die...right there...right then.
Say "Hey, most people pay to see this!"
If you had a party with some friends, and one fell asleep on your couch...what would you do?
Snuggle up next to them.
Shave their head.
Shave their head, then color it purple with Magic Marker.
Paint them with colored whipped cream.
Strip them naked.
Strip them naked, then dress them in all of your family's clothes (Mom's underwear, Dad's tie, etc.), then drop them back home.
Put your entire hermit crab collection (all 20 of them) in their clothes, then wait for the screams.
Do any of the above, capture it on videotape, and use it as blackmail.
Leave them on the curb in front of their home, surrounded by empty beer bottles.
If you were abducted by outer space aliens...what would you do?
Beg for mercy.
Say "stay back! I am infected with smallpox!"
Say "Is Elvis back there?"
Think to yourself "Aliens dont exist...I must be having a flashback."
Think to yourself "This doesnt matter too much...as long as i am reborn as a four eyed beastie from satans lair"
Say "Whose brain do i get?"
Flop around like a chicken with its head cut off.
Just hope that they dont cut your head off, like a chicken.
Threaten to take them to court.
Threaten to take them to McDonalds.
Ask if they can get rid of that ugly mole while they do...whatever they do.
Say "Groovy dude...Peace on earth"
Look suprised.
Act suprised.
Check your watch.
If you turned into your evil arch-nemesis overnight... what would you do?
Plot to destroy yourself.
Plot to destroy your old self.
Say, "Oh dearie me."
Decide that you like being evil, and take over the world.
Cry because you miss your dog.
Pay a visit to Mom and Dad, telling them the story.
Pick your nose.
Pick your nose, then eat it.
Become a hremit.
If you were forced to marry one of the following...it would be?
Mr. Ed
Skippy the wonder poodle.
A woodchuck.
Elvis's deformed mutant cousin, twice removed.
Me. ;)
The man-thong that came to life.
A sharptooth from The Land Before Time
The skeleton of a woolly mammoth.
A computer virus.
Bart Simpson
The alien who abducted you two questions ago.
If a complete stranger came up to you and said he'd bash you with a brick unless you told him which came first, the chicken or the egg...what would you say?
"The chicken." and get hit with a brick.
"The egg." and get hit with the brick.
Run away, and hide in the stranger's house.
Run away, and get hit with a brick.
Do the chicken dance.
Do the hampster dance (you don't know the egg dance).
Do the Macarena.
Start disco dancing.
Start dancing like Elvis.
Scream, "What does dancing have to do with this?" and then run off the stage.
Ask your little mice friends if they can go chew on him.
Ask your little hampster friends if they can go chew on him.
Suddenly remember the steps to the egg dance, and start doing it.
Pretend to be an egg.
Pretend to be a hampster.
Pretend to do the Macarena.
File your toenails and comb your armpit hair with a dog brush while humming quietly to yourself..
If you had to ask your princepal one of these questions...which would you choose?
How do you pretend to dance the Macarena?
What exactly do the birds and the bees do?
What was your frivolous and disaffected youth like?
Are you sure that your suit fits?
Do you have a tattoo of an anchor on your left buttock?
Can i see the tattoo of an anchor on your left buttock?
Will you kill me if i asked you the question that is typed below this one?
Were you ever the leader of a band of slave trading, marauding, transsexual, human snatching alien life forms who wore green kilts?
Have you ever turned anyone into a scotsman with your magic powers?
What do you think Voldemort is up to, Professor?
I forgot the combination to my bike lock, can you tell me what it is?
If you were Rapunzel locked in a tower, awaiting your prince...what would you do to pass the time.
Practice hanging weights off your hair in preperation of the prince and witch climbing it.
Try to find some interesting enchanted princes.
Try and grow your armpit hair as long as the hair on your head.
Pretend to be a hampster.
Have a lesbian love affair with your invisible friend.
Sit and sniff in a princessly manner.
Sit and sniff...glue.
Have an internet relationship with a man named Daryl, while calling yourself Carol.
Deliver a kick which could shatter bones into to the crotch of Indiana Jones.
Wash your hair by dangling it out the window and spraying a hose down its length, which overbalances you and makes you fall onto a chicken.
This poll was created on 2006-07-23 04:27:17 by Ktea