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Who should have won American Idol 5?

Each season of Idol has its controversy, but I believe the controvesy of the winner of idol 5 is being completely ignored by some.
For starters, if you had to choose between the two finalists, who would win?
Taylor Hicks
Katharine McPhee
If you chose Taylor Hicks, Why?
I favored his music genre
I thought he was the better singer
I favored his personality
I thought he performed better
I favored him over Katharine McPhee
If you chose Katharine McPhee, why?
I favored her music genre
I thought she was the better singer
I favored her personality
I thought she performed better
I favored her over Taylor Hicks
If you said you preferred Taylor over Katharine, why?
Katharine is the slut that she has been portrayad as
Katharine was inconsistent in performance
Katharine is fake and stuck up
If you siad you preffered Katharine over Taylor, why?
Taylor cannot even compare to Katharine vocally
Taylor's dancing and mannerisms were annoying
Taylor's doesn't have soul
During the season many women disliked Katharine. Are they jealous of her beauty?
Was Katharine portrayed as a slut and a diva?
Yes, very unfairly
No, she's a slut (Even though I've never actually met her)
Did the fact that Katharine was from L.A. and not from the south ruin her chances?
Yes, all of the winners have been from the south
No, she just wasn't as good as Taylor
Finally, In the end who's album would you buy?
Taylor Hicks'
Katharine McPhee's
This poll was created on 2006-09-03 18:01:42 by Americancelt