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How much would you tell?

Would you reveal more about yourself to an on-line friend than a real one?
Who would you tell the most intimate details of your sex life to?
An on-line friend that you've never met before.
A personal friend, face to face
A personal friend on the phone.
A personal friend by email or message.
A family member.
A lover.
When telling online friends about your sex life, how honest are you?
Fairly, but exaggerating my sexiness.
Fairly, but witholding my sexiness.
Mostly lies.
Complete false personality.
I don't to that.
When talking about sex online, what is your mindset?
Wishing we could actually meet.
Wanting to arouse the other person.
Just jerking him/her around.
Trying to get him/her in trouble.
I don't do that.
About how many people do you think you have revealed your sexual thoughts or bahavior to online?
A few.
More than 5.
More than 25.
More than 100.
More than 1,000
Have you ever posted a profile in which you revealed your sexual thoughts or behavior?
Yes, very explicit.
Yes, but mildly.
Who do you think is more open and honest when talking about their sexuality?
Girls (Im a girl)
Girls (Im a guy)
Guys (Im a girl)
Guys (Im a guy)
How many of the people who talk explicitly about sex on line are being fairly honest about who they are and what they think?
Less than 10%
Less than half.
More than half.
More than 90%
Who do you think the online fakers are?
Mostly guys jerking girls around.
Mostly girls jerking guys around.
Mostly guys pretending to be girls.
Mostly girls pretending to be guys.
Mostly gay/lez jerking heteros around.
This poll was created on 2006-07-29 17:41:02 by jtur88