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The Murder Mystery

This poll is for those that read and enjoy murder mysteries, AKA the common "whodunit". If you do not read them, you are welcome to participate, but many of the questions may not apply to you.
What is the primary reason that you read murder mysteries?
The thrill of danger though you are safe
The desire to solve a puzzle / who the killer is
You simply enjoy being entertained
Murder mysteries! BAH! Hate 'em!
Concerning the identity of the killer, do you find that:
You have the killer pegged early on
You're usually wrong
An equal amount right and wrong
Which of the following rumors would turn you off from purchasing a murder mystery? You may check as many as you like.
The hero is falsely accused / must prove innocence
One or more of the victims is a child
The book warns of excessive gore and detail
The book has been banned by religious groups
Critics hate the book
Which plot ingredient is the most overdone?
A serial killer
An intelligent, troubled heroine
A quiet, haunted detective with a mysterious past
Supernatural content - i.e. vampire hunters
Her lover did it- or did he?
Which irritates you the most when reading a mystery?
You have the solution all figured out too quickly
The PI's boss fires him / works from home secretly
Hero or heroine suspects love interest
Everything solved in last 3 pages
Which advertised plot on a book jacket would most discourage you from reading the book?
Gang related violence
Large scale conspiracy / Government intrigue
Terrorist activity
Tame content that your grandmother would enjoy
Explicit content
And which "buzz words" on the book would make you shell out the eight bucks? Check all that apply.
Buried alive
Vampire / Werewolf
Impending execution
Courtroom drama
Just out of curiosity, what other genre do you read the most?
Mainstream fic
Which of the following are on your must-read mystery list?
Jonathan Kellerman
Mary Higgins Clark
Sara Paretsky
Sue Grafton
Anne Perry
Iris Johanson
Jeffery Deaver
Patricia Cornwell
JD Robb
Elizabeth Peters
This poll was created on 2006-07-11 01:49:25 by KLPinAZ