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Girl Star Tournament RD1 (Emma Watson vs Anna Popplewell)

The infamous teen tournament returns. Due to popular demand, i have decided to bring in a new teen tournament. The rules of the same, best two out of three. This first round is between previous teen tournament winner and harry potter's star Emma Watson agansit newcomer naria star Anna Popplewell. Who will win this first round of the famous teen tournament. You decide
Who will win in a catfight? It all starts at a fantasy convention. Both stars are signing autographes for their fans. However Anna tells Emma how she is signing more authographs. Emma laughs and says in your dreams and they start to argue until
Emma slaps Anna in the face
Anna slaps Emma in the face
The two start to go at in front of the signing tables, clawing and scrtating until
Emma grabs Anna by the hair and throws her over the signing table
Anna grabs Emma by the hair and bangs her head agansit the signing table
Yet the girl regains focus and they continue to fight until
Emma grabs a black marker and smears it all over Annas face.
Anna grabs a signing paper and forces Emma to eat it.
The girl get back up, feeling disgusted and attacks even harder as they both fight until
Emma strips Anna into her bra and panties
Anna strips Emma into her bra and panties
The striped girl feels humiliated and decides to even the table and strip the girl back and then the fight continues again until
Emma gives Anna a wedgie and spanks her a few times
Anna pins Emma and puches her breasts a few times
Both girls are very tired at this point and know one more move would do so
Emma strips Anna of her bra and panties, forcing Anna to flee naked and humilited, winning the fight
Emma throws Anna to the ground and places a reverse headscissor on her, smothering her into unconciouness
Anna strips Emma of her bra and panties, forcing Emma to flee naked and humilited, winning the fight
Anna applys a grapevine to Emma and smothers with her breasts, winnning
Out of the two, who is the better actress?
Who is hotter?
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