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North Korea vs US

North Korea has tested its Taepodong 2 long range ballistic missile, capable of reaching territory in Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of the US Mainland.
Are you familiar with the current North Korean situation?
bits and pieces
Many countries, including the US, Japan, Russia, China, and Australia have warned North Korea over such attacks. Which country do you feel with take the most military action against North Korea?
United States
South Korea
Which will take the most economic action against North Korea?
United States
South Korea
Which country do you feel has benn "All Talk"
United States
South Korea
Did the fact that the missile test was unsuccessful change the way you thought about the threat North Korea poses?
Yes, Greatly
Yes, moderately
Less of a Threat
No Threat at all
Did you feel it was necessary for the United States to activate it's multi-billion dollar Missile Defence System stationed in Alaska?
yes, there was no other choice
Yes, but purely precautionary
What do you feel was North Korea's purpose in launching these missiles?
Intimidate other Countries?
Show Defiance to the U.S. and other superpowers?
Introduce itself as a Nuclear Power?
Start a War?
Provoke talks with U.S. and other Superpowers?
Prepare for a Missile Attack?
How should the United States respond to the Missile Test?
Economic Sanctions
Swift Military Action
All out War?
Do Nothing?
Frown Upon it?
The Taepodong 2 missile exploded 37 seconds into launch, meaning it was a complete failure. If the Missile Test had been a success, do you feel the United States and other countries would have reacted differently?
Yes, because North Korea would pose a serious threat
Yes, because It would be an act of war
No, the response wouldn't be any different
Which of the following factors do you feel angered the U.S. the most about the timing of the Missile Launch?
Waited until Independence Day
Launched within minutes of the Discovery Shuttle
Broad Daylight
While the U.S. was already dealing with Iraq
Already having nuclear issues with Iran
The Missiles were fired within minutes of the Space Shuttle Discovery launch, which could have posed a serious threat to the defenseless shuttle. How severe was this factor?
Very Severe
Moderately Severe
Not too Drastic
Not Severe at all
Along with the taepodong 2 missile, North Korea also launched a taepodong 1 missile, Nodong Missiles, and Scud Missiles, which all pose a threat to South Korea and Japan. What actions should be taken?
South Korea and Japan should engage war with N.K.
SK and JPN should use economic sanctions against N.K
South Korea should engage war
South Korea should use economic sanctions
Japan should engage war
Japan should use economic sanctions
Do nothing
Rely on other countries to pick apart N.K.
A successful Taepodong 2 missile could hit the california coast. Such an attack would devastate the economy, kill thousands of people, and make the area uninhabitable for many years to come. What would be an appropriate counter to this?
Launch a Nuclear Missile at North Korea
Engage total war with North Korea
Massive Aerial Bombardment using U.S. Bombers
Encourage Peace
If North Korea launches a Nuclear Missile at another country besides the US, how should the US respond?
A Counter Missile Attack agaist Korea
Total War with korea
Minor Military Involvement
Heavy Military involvement
Donate Aid to the people
Does North Korea intimidate you?
Yes, they pose a serious threat to national security
Yes, because they have nuclear capabilities
No, My country's security is safe
No, North Korea can't do any harm
This poll was created on 2006-07-05 10:15:58 by HaloTB44