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What do you think about the biggest massacre after Aushwitz.On 11th july 1995 serbian general Ratko Mladic killed more than 8000 unarmed civilians-bosnian muslims and dutch "peace" force helped him
At that time Mladic was losing on all fronts,croatian and bosnian armies were becoming more powefull so he attacked small town Srebrnica.WHY?
He wanted to prowe himself as successful general and not as someone who lost war
He wanted to break muslim line Sarajevo-Srebrenica-Sanjak-Albania-Macedonia
He was a psihopate who just wanted to kill muslims
Dutch soldiers cooperate with Mladic and they helped him.WHY?
They belived that Mladic won't kill all that people
They wanted to help him because they belived that he is good guy
Legendary Bosnian general Sefer Halilovic said that if dutch soldiers told bosnians that they would defeat Mladic because he hid lot of weapones in Srebrenica on the begining of the war.Do you belive that they could defeat mladic with help of dutch army?
All people here in bosnia says that if Naser Oric(general who defended Srebrenica for several times) was there that wouldn?t happened but he was in sarajevo becouse of negotiations. Why was he in sarajevo?
It was a strategic move of serbia
Bosnians were sure that serbs won't attack
UN trick them
A lot bigger army from Tuzla(town who was free from serbs on the begining of the war)didn't move to Srebrenica.WHY?
They were afraid
They didn't know
becouse of negotiatons
Bosnia and Herzegovina is accuseing Serbia on the international court becouse of war crimes.Will Bosnia won?
Sorry if there are any gramatic or spelling mistakes.Feel free to post comments about your attitude on all this.Have you learnt something from this poll?
Yes I haven't known any of this
Yes but i knew something
No I kave known all this
This poll was created on 2006-07-11 11:48:22 by pasha