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Freeballing/Going Commando--Str8 Dudes only

This poll is about guys ideas about freeballing/going commando.
Chick (This is for Dudes only)
Do you ever freeball/commando?
No, never.
Yes, rarely.
Yes, few times a month
Yes, about once a week
Yes, few times a week
Yes, every day.
What situations do you (or would you) freeball/commando? Check all that apply:
Hanging around the house (alone).
Hanging around the house (with family).
Hanging around the house (guy friends).
Hanging around the house (guy and girl friends).
Playing basketball.
Swimming. Hot tubbing.
Wrestling. (foolling around at home)
Wrestling (competition)
Football in the yard.
Working out.
Mowing the grass.
Water skiing.
To school.
To work.
What kind pants do you freeball/commando in? Check all that apply.
Sweatpants (heavy)
Sweatpants (light weight)
Basketball shorts
Khaki shorts
Lycra (Bike) shorts
Cargo pants
Dress pants
Always go Freeswingin.
Do you sag when you freeball?
No, wear my pants up a bit.
Yeah, but have my T-Shirt covering my abs.
Yeah, but dont show my pubes
Yeah, kinds show my pubes
Yeah, definitely showing pubes
Yeah, low but I shave my pubes
Yeah, sometimes show a bit of my junk if they sag too much.
When you freeball, it is cool to let your package show?
Nah, am not into it for showing.
Yeah, its cool if if shows a bit now and then..
Yeah, its cool if it is just poking out a bit all the time.
Yeah, it is cool if can notice it flopping around.
Yeah, it is cool if it pokes out pretty noticeably.
Yeah, it is cool if it pokes out very noticeably.
When other guys notice my package...
...it never happens.
...it doesn't matter, I notice theirs too.
...I am a little self conscious.
...I kinda like it when my junk gets noticed.
...I freeball to get my junk noticed.
When freeballing/comando, you ever get a boner with friends around? Check all that have happened to you:
Just a semi, no prob.
Just a semi, it was funny.
Just a semi, was embarassed.
Full blown, no prob.
Full blown, and visible, it was funny.
Full blown, was embarassed.
Ever been with a bud when he got a hard on while freeballing? Check all that have happened to you.
Yeah, he was semi, no prob.
Yeah, he was semi, it was funny.
Yeah, he was semi, it was embarassing.
Yeah, he was full blown, no prob.
Yeah, he was full blown, it was funny.
Yeh, he was full blown, it was embarassing.
Yeah, he was semi and it made hard, too
Yeah, he was full blown and it made me hard too.
Are you more comfortable freeballing just alone, around guys or girls, doesnt matter.
Just alone.
Doesnt matter.
This happened to me and a friend: We were wrestling at his house and both were just wearing basketball shorts,sagging and freeballing. We do this all the time. Last week we both got full hard ons, but hadnt happened before. We are both 16. What do you think?
Normal, no prob.
Normal, funny.
Normal, embarassing but ok.
Normal, guys can get turned on at any time by anything.
Normal, guys can get turned with/by other guys, not necessarily gay.
Wierd, maybe gay.
Wierd, definitely gay.
Has happend to me, too. Am not gay.
Has happened to me, too. Am bi.
Has happened to me, too. I might be gay (curious).
Has happened to me, too. I am gay.
Basically, do you like a guy to see your package? (Remember,Straight guys only)
No, that's wierd.
No, that's gay.
Yeah, it's cool.
Doesnt matter.
Yeah, makes me feel proud
Yeah, it's kind of a turn on.
Yeah, definitely a turn on.
Yeah, I have fantacised about it.
This poll was created on 2006-07-05 15:22:11 by Jacero10