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Who Are "We The People" ?

Most polls say Americans are for immigration but against illegal "immigration". Who are these Americans? Besides believing in a strong southern border,no amnesty by any name, etc. what other similarities do we share? Take the poll and find out.
How much are you against illegal "immigration"?
Completely against.
Mostly against.
I need more information, I'm on the fence.
It's not relevant to anything. I don't care.
I am for free and open borders everywhere.
I am for a free and open southern border.
Who do you think is to blame for lack of enforcement at our borders?
Our president
The Senate and House
Big business putting pressure to keep cheap labor
Americans not caring about this issue
Mexico doing everything to export their poor to US
All of the above
If you have voted in the past, will you vote the same way now? Or are you considering changing parties or voting non-affilliated ?
Will vote the same
If my senators/reps don't change I will switch
I am going to vote non-affilliated or independent
I am going to refuse to vote
I will vote the pro-illegal faction out
I will vote for those who support more immigration
How much does illegal immigration impact your own life? Vote for as many as apply.
It hits me in the pocketbook, taxes and otherwise.
It causes me stress and anger
I feel frustrated and helpless over it
I've been negatively affected by it personally
I am worried about what America is becoming
My kids have been affected the most
Why don't you, or the citizens of this country rise up and change the "illegal invasion" situation? Vote for as many as apply.
That's the government's job, not mine.
I have enough worries,others should fix it.
I don't want to be considered racist when I'm not.
My friends and family don't support me in this.
Americans will rise up when it gets serious.
I don't see much of a problem.
Would you vote for a local or state political "nobody" who you think has a sensible plan for stopping the "illegal invasion"?
I'll stick with someone with political experience
I'd probably vote against him/her.
When you consider the America of 2040, what are the most important effects of uncontrolled illegal immigration?
Housing Prices
Jobs Lost, less financial stability
Only rich and poor, little if any middle class.
Constant crime and lawlessness
America no longer respected around the world
No control over terrorists.
My age is___
Under 21
61 plus
If you are male have how has this issue affected you? Check as many as apply.
Lost, or soon losing, a job because of it
Frequent arguments with friends because of it
Suffered as a victim of crime because of it
Domestic or personal relationships affected.
Made me politically more aware.
No particular effect so far.
If you are female, how has uncontrolled illegal immigration affected your life?
I have been a victim of crime
I have lost, or will be losing a job.
My wages are much less because of it.
Domestic difficulties due to stress over this.
Safety or schooling of children much affected.
I am more fearful now than I ever have been.
No particular effect so far.
If you were the governor of your state, or the president of the nation, how would you address the illegal "immigration" issue?
Make the border strong and difficult to cross.
Fine all businesses who employ illegal aliens.
Give preference for legal citizens in jobs etc.
Ship every illegal criminal back, and bill them.
Deport every illegal we can, criminal or not.
Take away most, or all of the benefits they get.
Close the "anchor baby" loophole.
Tighten up on current "family repatriation" laws.
This poll was created on 2006-06-03 10:38:21 by CitizenKane