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Conservative Idiot Poll

We all know Bush supporters and folks who actually take Fox News and conservative AM hate-jock radio seriously are idiots, seemingly incapable of recognizing a strawman argument, false causalities, various logical fallacies, and lack any and all critical thinking abilities. Here's your chance to gauge exactly where and how these idiots rank in terms of their amazing stupidity.
Cancervative idiots are...
More stupid than nuts
More nuts than stupid
Cancervative cretins love their AM hate-jock radio. Who is the biggest cancervative idiot hate-jock on the AM dial?
Lush Limpballs
Sean Hannity
Glenn Beck
Michael Weiner (aka Michael Savage)
Laura Ingraham
Cancervative idiots love Fox News. Who is the biggest bag of gas cancervative cretin on Fox?
Sean Hannity
John Gibson
ED(iot) Hill
Bill O'Reilly
Neil Cavuto
Cancervative idiots love to make Bill Clinton a scapegoat for everything while absolving themselves for any accountability when things go wrong. What is the worst example of Clinton blaming by cancervative cretins?
Blaming Clinton for the 2001 recession
Blaming Clinton for 911
Blaming Clinton for high gas prices
Blaming Clinton for the Bush deficit
Cancervative idiots love to make stupid policy to appease the religious right to keep those evangelical campaign dollars flowing. Stem cell research holds the potential to cure many dreaded diseases. Bush, in his only veto banned federal funding for research on stem cells taken from fertility clinics, even though those fertilized eggs will be discarded as medical waste. This decision is
incredibly stupid
amazingly incredibly stupid
jaw droppingly amazingly incredibly stupid
jaw droppingly amazingly incredibly stupid
stupid and despicable in the extreme
Brainless bobblehead cancervative cretins love their pointless dopey catch-phrases. What is the most embarrassingly stupid catch phrase cancervatives love to parrot?
War on Terror(c)
War on Christmas(c)
Culture of Life(c)
Fight them there so we don't fight them here(c)
Ann Coulter is
a man
a woman
Iggy Pop wearing a black cocktail waitress dress
Terrorism is the best thing to ever happen to the GOP. Cancervative idiots love to exploit terrorism for political capital to further their agenda. What is the most unethical way cancervatives have exploited terrorism and 911?
Scare the AM hate-jock crowd into voting for them
Invade Iraq to further Neocon nation building scheme
Expand presidential power with fascist aims
Destroy American's constitutional privacy rights
This poll was created on 2006-09-13 22:23:45 by BushIsOurRuination