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Darling Pets

This poll is about our pets and how we interact with them
Do you own at least one pet?
Yes, I own one or more cats
Yes, I own one or more dogs
Yes, I own both
No, I don't own a pet but would like to
No, I don't care to own a pet
How do you see your pet?
My pet is like my child
My pet is my best friend
My pet is just a pal for occasional fun
My pet is spoiled rotten
I don't take that much care/time with my pet
My pet is the boss around here
I don't have a pet but if I did, it'd be spoiled
I don't have a pet and don't want one
What is true about your pet?
He/she sleeps with me often or always
He/she is very attached to me
My pet has a better life than I do!!
I love my pet more than I do most people
One or more of my pet (s) is somewhat distance
I just basically feed it
I don't have a pet
I thought that thing was just a dust bunny
My pet is:
Not so adorable but loved anyway
Not much to look at and it hinders my loving it
Downright ugly and I think it makes it special
Ugly as sin and I hate it
Don't own a pet (for the millionth time)
For cat owners only
Cats are better than dogs
I like cats and dogs both but cats are my favorite
I wish I had a dog (or other pet) instead of a cat
My cat(s)are lazy and boring
My cat(s)are fun and/or cuddly
I think my cat(s) are smart
I'd save every homeless cat if I could
I don't think cats are that smart but they're fun
For dog owners only (you can have other pets too but must own a dog to reply) Check all that apply
My dog is smart, it's like he/she can read my mind
My dog is adorable
My dog stays indoors and is part of the family
I keep my dog in a fenced in area
I keep my dog on a chain in the yard
I physically punish my dog when he/she is bad
My dog can be a stinker but I get over it quickly
I could talk about my dog for hours
About fun and games
I play with my pet frequently
I rarely play with him/her
No pet to play with but I would if I could
No pet and I'm glad
I toss it a toy mouse or rubber bone on occasion
Play? My pet's too lazy to move, much less play
What do you feed your critter? (check up to three please)
Whatever is on sale
A premium pet food
Pet food and sometimes people food as a treat
Pet treats from the store
I fix his/her own food from scratch
He/she eats only table scraps
Whatever he/she drags home is dinner
What sex is your pet?
I have both
My pet is sexless (poor thing)
No pet to speak of
Let's talk about names!
My critter(s) have goo-goo names (like "puffy")
I call my pet(s) by human names (like "Fred")
I have several pets and their name types vary
My darling(s) have many nicknames (prissy, priss pie, etc.)
I call him/her "hey cat" or "hey dog"
I don't have a pet (I'm tired of saying this)
What do you do to/with your pet on a regular (or somewhat regular) basis? Check all that apply please
Go for walks
Stroke and rub him/her
Have em in my lap
Bathe him/her (yikes)
Bathe him/her and it's fun
Give them treats
Take them on drives and fun places
Sleep with them
Play games like tug-of-war or fetch
Put them in a crate or another room a good bit
Nothing, my pet just sleeps or has his/her own fun
What do you think other people think of your pet(s)?
They tolerate them but aren't affectionate
They tend to like them a great deal & pet them
They try to ignore them when they visit me
Some people think I should get rid of my pet(s)
At least one person hates my pet(s)
Other people should mind their own business!
Would you get rid of your pet?
Not unless I had absolutely no choice
Never, no matter what!
Yes, if they became a problem for me
Yes, I'm thinking of it anyway
What's the bad side to pet ownership for you? Check what u want
Cleaning litter boxes and/or potty accidents
Keeping them clean
Vet bills
The money they cost me
They get in my way or cramp my lifestyle too much
They demand too much attention
It makes it hard to have a clean home
I can't have home decor because they break things
Even with the bad, I still want/love my pet
The bad side is a serious problem for me right now
I may get rid of my pet for one of these reasons
This poll has centered around dogs/cats. Do you have a different kind of pet instead of a dog/cat?
Yes, and I'm disappointed it wasn't included
Yes, but I don't care that the poll was biased
No, but other pets should've been in the poll
No, and I don't care that it's a dog/cat only poll
Do you think pets are good for people?
Yes, they provide emotional support and love
No, we'd do fine without them
What would you like to see happen as far as pets are concerned (check all u want)?
More housing opportunities for pet owners
More healthcare options (specialties etc)for pets
More pet-friendly places to go with my pet(s)
More tolerance by people who don't care for pets
Stricter laws for animal abuse
More money for shelters and/or spay & neuter
Lower vet/medicine prices so it's affordable
Stricter laws governing care of one's pet(s)
Nothing, everything is fine
Other (please post a message & tell us)
On a final note, would you risk your life to save your pet?
Yes, I wouldn't want to live if my pet died
No, I'd just have to go on without him/her
It depends but I'd seriously think about it
It depends but I doubt I would
I'd never consider risking my life for a pet
This poll was created on 2006-05-16 03:40:20 by Puddin