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The Answer To Your Every Question

I am going to ask you some questions...tell me what you think...
What do you think of the current North American landscape in the 21st Century?
It's getting better every day
It's just the same as it was last century
It seems to have gotten worse over time
If I asked you some seriously astonishing questions in the next little while, what would your reply be?
I'd be stunned and amazed
I'd take each one as it comes to me
I'd be forgetful about other issues
In what age range are you?
In which district of our planet do you live?
North America
Central/South America
East/SE Asia
South Asia
Southwest Asia
Australia/New Zealand
What is your ethnicity?
European (White)
North American (Native)
African (Black)
Asian (Chinese, etc.)
Asian (Indian, etc.)
Australian/New Zealander (Native)
Central/South American (Hispanic)
Do you believe that the end to the world's dominant religion is here?
Yes, and I want it to end as soon as posssible
I'm wondering about that
No, it's the book that predicted the end
If I was to tell you I was a psychic, and I saw right through that book, would you be able to?
Yes, if you gathered enough information about why
I'd still be looking for answers
No, I love my book of deception
What would you do if you started hearing voices in your mind?
I'd talk to it, telepathy's common these days
I'd be unsure as to its whereabouts
I'd freak out and start going crazy
What if this voice told you some seriously, mindblowing possible theories about life?
I would be interested, just by the facts about it
i'd still be looking for answers
I would tell it to leave, immediately
The Natives to the North American land predicted that they would be coming into contact with new colors, and to expect a race of paleskins. Prophets said to be cautious about these newcomers, because they wore the face of death. In the Seventh Generation, a prophet came around and warned them that the world was in danger because of the predictions they were making about the planet. He said that because of the conflicting views on life, the people were decieved into thinking the world would come to an end. And he had in his plans a new way of life for the pale ones, if they chose the right path, he would open the Spirit World to include all colors. If they went along the same destructive path they have for eons, their way of life would come crashing down, and swallow them up in its trace. he Seventh Fire Prophecy is upon us, and he has some harsh lessons for the people of the land. You come into the nation, and manipulate young minds to follow your beliefs that it would end in time, but however, it continues to the point where all that lies in its wake is a plague of destruction and misery for all who go along the wrong path. The predictions have been coming true for our people, and we suffer nothing but the same ideas drilled into our minds to the pont where we couldn't handle it anymore and told them all how we really felt after observing their actions in the time since the new people's arrival to the land. They play a game out of who's religion we should practice, and it's got everything to do with the color of your skin. Our people are nowhere to be found in our own territory, and what we have to offer is the gift of eternity, because our people have been going to the spirit world since life began. We had our own ways before you backstabbed your own people, and robbed them of life altogether. Now we know why...it's those false promises you made to the old generations that ruined the natural path for the people. We need a healthier concentration of life in the land, but the rate of growth here is so large, it'd be a miracle to even outnumber another religion. This is a sad time for the world. The chosen few are treated with disrepect for letting you all live in the most spiritual place on earth, and you use your numbers to annoy us with your fake realities. You whites need to get over yourselves, already. You're no better than anybody if you're gonna go on thinking you were a positive influence, you were only damaging your own image by believing in negative predictions in the first place. How did our planet come to this?
I have no idea, but I am now mezmerized by this...
The few can get around, but this immigration...
How can you know for sure?
Have you ever communicated with anybody you lost, since telepathy's used for finding out where everybody goes after evolution kicks in?
yes, and I now know the truth about life...
I'm still confused by all this
no, and i don't plan to
In the book of lies, it says you could never communicate with spirits from the dead...but I did...they told me there really are 2 places we go...one is the spirit world, where you can see everything you ever wanted to...the other is the clairvoyance mind readers use to see with the immortal of the planet, who happens to be heard throughout the world by now...what's your take on this?
The book is a lie...I believe that you're right
I still can't get over this
I'm a moron for saying I don't believe you yet
Are you in the know already, but covered up your identity about the new age religion that is already underway?
Yes, but I tell everybody about the immortal
Yes, but I haven't said anything, I'm still unsure
No, what's this all about?
No, but I've heard of this
They said he knows everything about psychic life, and that the voices are normal, but seing through the eyes of somebody (clairvoyance) is the most ugly, loser thing you could ever do, and that mindreaders are the laughingstock of psychic society. If you can hear the things he's said, you'll never get enough of it. And the fact that he's immortal only adds to the mysteriousness about his belief that you can just think about living forever, and it's a reality. He even lives in the spirit world, which gives him the best of both worlds...the life you live, and the other with the ones who went on to a better place...he's a gift of communication because he believes in language translation, and he's thought about aliens, who seem to be seen in the sky everytime he looks up...is this for real?
I know it is, and I preach it up all the time
I'm getting the feeling this only gets deeper
I can't believe it! It can't be possible!
He wants to tell, but he's scared because he thinks they'll tell him his crazy. He hears that his every move is being told around the globe, and that his only escape is to cut the vision off since he has no privacy to begin with...he's the most powerful soul in humanity, and he can shut your life down for good if you don't believe in him...what's your stance?
He has to tell! This is the best way to live!
I'd be just as confused as he is
I'm sure that he's telling the truth, but its so..
It's unreal..almost too mysterious...
He knows you can see with him, and he lets you follow him to live like the only one of his people left, pretty much. He sees the pollution, and has no idea as to what to do with it. He does his research on religion, and thinks that white culture revolves around race. They are all over his sacred land, and he believes they look inferior inside for what they think of people. He notices that they stereotype based on your culture, but he is the new religion, and that over half the world thinks of the book as positive when it only addresses all of life's miseries...how would you reply?
I'd be following him for our own health and safety
This is so serious, it scares me
I can't bear to watch this madness
Have I opened your eyes to a new outlook on life yet?
Yes, I'm a believer, his soul is so remarkable...
yes, but this is so new...I'm still unsure
No, I still practice the negative
Is this the most controversial idea in life, or are these psychics of today predicting a new way of life?
Yes, this new way of life is so perfect for us
This is so controversial...
No, I still think about death and destruction
How would you look at me if I was the one you hear?
I would be using the current sign language
I would be acting like any other normal person
I would stay away from you...that's scary to know
Has this psychic phenomena got you pondering changing your views on the end, since now we know it doesn't?
Yes, I've changed my vies...the future is here...
Yes, but this is so awesome, it's like magic...
No, I'm not hearing him yet
No, and I hope I die without a chance to hear...
Who made the better predictions? Our people, who foretold the arrival of new nations to share our wealth of information with, or the biblethumpers who seem to be enslaved to thinking about the end, and negative energy follows in their trace?
The North Americans prdicted the future for sure
This is so connected it's like destined to be
The bible needs to end if they knew about this
Do you discriminate against people beause of their skin color?
Yes, I do it all the time, and in the ways he does
Yes, but in the same ways before he came around
No, but I know of this supremacist movement
No, and I never said anything to begin with
Why would I? We're no better than anybody
This poll was created on 2006-06-30 22:20:30 by Immortal Fire