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Gals only... is there too tall? And what is too short?

In society, short guys are usually "just friends" at best, and too tall of guys are dorky, and wierd. So what is your preference?
First off, what is your age?
Under 14.
15 - 16
17 - 18
19 - 20
21 - 23
24 - 26
27 - 30
31 - 34
35 - 38
39 - 43
44 - 48
49 - 55
Next, how tall are you? And be honest.
Under 5 ft.
5'1" - 5'3"
5'4" - 5'6"
5'7" - 5'9"
5'10" - 6'
6'1 - 6'3"
6'4" +
How tall of a guy is too tall?
6' - 6'3"
6'4" - 6'7"
6'8" - 6'10"
6'11" - 7'
7'1" - 7'3"
Like em' tall, the taller the better.
How short of a guy is too short? Check as many as that applies.
Under 5'
5'2" - 5'4"
5'5" - 5'6"
5'7" - 5'8"
5'9" - 5'11"
Anything under 6'
Anything under 6'6"
Girls are you really that biased when it comes to mens' height?
Oh hell yeah.
Yes, but am easing up.
It depends on the personality of the guy.
No, I am not into heightism.
Now, to those gals who want a tall man in thier life, I would like to ask......Why? Check all that apply.
I want a man who can defend for me in a fight.
I like a father figure in my life.
It's just like the movies.
I just can't stand short guys.
Uh, I don't know why.
I just cannot date a guy shorter than me.
I just cannot stand short guys.
Girls, do you think it is fair, that a girl can look at a guy, who is "short", and turn him away, and that is considered O.K. But when ANY man turns down a woman who is overweight, he is considered a dog, a pig, and an a**hole? You can lose weight (naturally or surgically), you can't gain height.
Yes, it is very fair.
Yes, but it is a shame.
It is really hard to answer this question.
No, it is not fair.
I don't give a darn.
I am 6' tall. I have had a number of damn good pals, that were well under the normal height in America. It is funny how they can go to other countries, and have no problems with attracting females. But, here in the U.S.A., where society tells us what to do, females in majority are stereotypical against "short" men. No matter how "Nice, Sweet, Cute, Handsome, Friendly, Funny, Etc." they are you (women in general) will turn them down. To be their friends for so long, I felt their anguish. Even with these words from a decently "tall" guy, does your view on "short" guys change any for the better?
A Little.
Quite a bit.
Alright gals, lets put you in one of those 'if' situations. You have two guys, #1 is a dude who is 6'3", average looking, average income, but is known by the ladies as a dog, and a man whore. #2 is a guy who is 5'6", also average looking, income, but is known as a really nice person who treats the females good.... If you had to choose just one, which one?
#1 The taller guy.
#2 The shorter guy.
#3 I would have to meet both, and determine for my own.
One last question. What is the main reason other than the usual "I just can't be with a guy shorter than me" thing, Check all that apply.
I would be embarrassed, and harassed by my friends.
I just can't stand short guys.
I think short guys are wimpy.
I believe they are short in other places.
I know that they are harrassed by other people, and I don't want to be around that.
I admit, I am superficial.
This poll was created on 2006-05-15 06:15:52 by SaneMan711