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A Poll on Polls

This poll is to see what you think, overall, about the polls you've taken.
Of the polls that you've viewed, do you think they were on topic?
Yes, most were relevant to the title
No, most were misleading and/or a waste of time
It's been about 50/50
Other response (please post)
Speaking of the majority of polls you've viewed, do you feel you were given adequate choices as answers or was your opinion not listed as an option?
I feel that the answers covered all the bases
The answers often left me with only bad choices
"None of the above" should be used more
The writers need to plan their polls better
The polls are great as they are
Do you feel disappointed when you select a heading and find only one question there?
Yes, it's a waste of time
No, one question is fine with me
Neither of the above fits my opinion
Do you feel that most writers cover their topic well?
Yes, most polls ask the questions I'd expect
No, most polls leave out key questions I'd expect
Other (please post)
Do you feel that most writers word their questions and responses appropriately?
Yes, the questions/answers are clear
No, I'm often confused as to what the point is
Other (please post)
What about the maturity level? Do you feel there should be separate polls for teens and adults?
Yes, often the poll is not on my age level
No, I don't pay attention to the maturity issue
Other (please post)
How do you feel about the grammar of the polls viewed?
The spelling/grammar are often irritating to me
I don't care about spelling/grammar
Other (please post)
Do you sometimes feel that the writer is trying to convert you to his/her belief?
Yes, I've encountered polls I call offensive
No, they don't seem to express opinions
Yes, I have seen that but it doesn't bother me
Other (please post)
When you view the results, do you find that you're in the majority most of the time? (check all that apply)
Yes, I fall into the majority most of the time
No, I'm usually in the minority
I always view results to see where I fall
I never bother with results
I often post messages to follow up a good poll
I rarely/never post a message
Do you write polls?
Yes, I've written one or more
No, I've never tried it but plan to someday
No, I have no interest in writing polls
Other (please post)
Have you ever viewed but not answered a poll because it didn't catch your attention, wasn't on the topic you expected, was poorly written, etc.?
I've left a few polls for those reasons
I've left a good many polls for those reasons
I've left a few polls, but for other reasons
I've answered almost all polls I view
I always answer polls, regardless of the quality
Other (please post)
Please check all that apply to your experience with polls:
I love most of them & wouldn't change a thing
I dislike most and waste a lot of time on them
Some are fun/interesting but a few fall short
Some are boring, poorly written, etc.
I take the good with the bad and am satisfied
Overall, it's worth the time to find a good poll
Too many polls are written by idiots
Here's a list of opinions on polls. Check all that apply to you.
I take polls for fun
Polls help me learn about others & where I stand
I'd like to see improvment in the polls I view
The polls are generally great & worth the effort
I take write/view polls mainly for research
I'd like to see grammar/spelling improved
Many polls are a waste of time & disappointing
I'd like to see more categories in the index
I've found too many polls in the wrong category
There aren't enough topics being covered
I hate to see the same topic beat to death
I take polls mostly to vent my opinions
There are too many serious/heavy topics
There aren't enough serious topics
There are too many trivial "who cares" polls
I'd like to see more funny & less serious polls
It'd be nice to see the name of the writer upfront
There are too many older people writing polls
There are too many teens writing polls
I find some polls outright offensive
I find many words/names that I've never heard of
I view/take polls quite often
I turn to polls only if I'm rather bored otherwise
Many polls should be "cleaned up" before posting
The message boards aren't used enough
I love to use message boards
Message boards are just a bunch of arguing
Did you enjoy or learn from this poll?
Yes, I've been thinking these same things
Yes, but it's only somewhat interesting
No, it was totally boring to me
Not really but I think others may like it
Other (please post)
Please rate the poll writers overall:
Great, they're pretty awesome overall
Good, they're usually on target but some fail
Fair, they're about 50/50 in quality
Poor, many errors (grammar, spelling, content etc)
Terrible, most write poorly and/or useless topics
I have no strong opinion either way
This poll was created on 2006-05-18 04:20:15 by Puddin