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Are you aware that all these polls are meaningless?

For various reasons, the results of these polls are totally bogus and mean nothing. For example, according to this one http://www.misterpoll.com/results.mpl?id=3931001471 48% of the 6400 people who took the poll have had sex with their brother or sister. Obviously half of us have not done this. People are lying, or the only people taking polls are those who will have a certain answer, making the results meaningless.
Are you aware that the results of these polls mean nothing?
No, I believe everything I read. 48% of people HAVE had sex with their brother or sister. Polls do not lie!
Yes, I know these polls mean nothing.
Since the results of these polls are meaningless, does this website have any useful purpose whatsoever?
Now that you mention it, I guess it might as well be taken offline.
Well, there are at least the message boards associated with each poll...
I'm one of the goofballs who believes the results of the polls, so I think the website is great!
This poll was created on 2006-05-29 10:15:41 by chris20202