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strong girls

Are girls getting physiccaly stronger? Or are people only assuming that they are? If it is fact: would society change?
Are nowaday girls (not women) stronger than girls of, say, 10 or 20 years ago?
Yes, definitely
Yes, but everyone is exercizing more, girls too
Never noticed and don't think so
No - they are fatter!
No, they are weaker
Are nowaday girls stronger than boys (in general?)
Yes, definitely
Yes, but it's merely because boys are getting weaker
Yes, girls just spend more time playing sports and in gyms
Never noticed
No, noway (and they never will be)!
No, although some exceptions are, but not in general
Girls are getting stronger, compared to boys (and men!) - or assume they are, if you're not convinced. Will this have any effect on society?
Yes, girls get more selfconscious and nastier
Yes, girls get more selfconscious and take higher positions (and get more money!)
Yes, these girls take power and men become girls...
Yes, but it will be temporary and then it's back to normal
No, or: not noticable
No, they will behave themselves
No, of course not, come on, get real!
What are you:
a confident boy
a scared boy
a confident man
a scared man
a woman who sees herself as a strong girl
a neutral woman
a girl
a strong girl
This poll was created on 2006-05-09 11:30:38 by alan2