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Mens point of view on black women.

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I want to see the World Wide Webs perspective of black women. Is black beautiful? Does the blacker berry have the sweeter juice? Are we finally past the time of skin lightening cream, blue color contacts,and nose jobs? Are stereotypes still taking over?

What is your ethnicity?

17% (8) Black
64% (29) White
4% (2) Asian
8% (4) Hispanic or Latino
0% (0) Arab
0% (0) Polynesian
4% (2) Other

45 voters have answered this question.

How do you feel about black women? Do you love em or maybe not? Be honest as possible. If possible explain your choice furthur in the message area.Let's see you men think.

72% (32) I love black women.
15% (7) I have no problem with them. I would'nt date one.
2% (1) I don't like them.
6% (3) I'm am intrigued by them.
2% (1) I do not know any but I would like to.
0% (0) I don't like any and want to keep it that way.

44 voters have answered this question.

If you had a chance for the firs time or another time to date a black woman, would you? Try and explain your choice in the message area.

75% (33) Yeahhhhhhhhhh!
18% (8) Maybe
6% (3) Hell no!

44 voters have answered this question.

If you responded in a negative way to the 2 above questions if someone wanted to prove you wrong about your views of black woman by setting you up on a date with a black woman, would you do it?

84% (16) What the hell. Why not
15% (3) No. My mind can't be changed.

19 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2006-04-15 01:26:20 by Koko Butta
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