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Why did the attacks of 9/11 occur, who was responsible and who benefits by them?

When the attacks of 9/11 first occurred, I was

38% (13) at home
14% (5) at work
44% (15) at school
0% (0) in the bathroom
2% (1) commuting

34 voters have answered this question.

Once I first heard of the attacks, I

61% (21) tuned into the radio/watched TV to get more info
14% (5) thought nothing of it and went back to what I was doing
2% (1) had a panic attack and thought it was the end
20% (7) thought some dumb ass pilot went off course

34 voters have answered this question.

Once I heard/saw that the planes apparently hit the buildings on purpose and that others had been hijacked, I thought

66% (22) terrorists have masterminded an all-out attack on the U.S.
12% (4) the globalists, including the U.S. government, have attacked the United States
6% (2) American "Timothy Mcveigh"-types are at it again
15% (5) Holy ___, where's George Bush?

33 voters have answered this question.

Do you think that religious extremists from the other side of the world were capable of pulling off the events of 9/11?

50% (16) Yes, of course...they are far more intelligent and organized than we ever gave them credit for!
46% (15) No way, no how...there is no way that they could have done that without help
3% (1) What do I care? It doesn't affect my life at all

32 voters have answered this question.

I think the immediate response by President Bush to the attacks of 9/11 was

22% (7) exactly what I would expect the President to do under the circumstances
22% (7) ass-backwards; he should have closed the borders immediately
16% (5) adequate, but he should have not have continued reading to the children
38% (12) typical of someone who was "in on it"

31 voters have answered this question.

Do you think the main role of the government of any nation should be to protect its citizens?

70% (22) Yes, of course!
0% (0) No, protection is only for sex
25% (8) It depends on the circumstances
3% (1) If it helps the economy
0% (0) Not if it will offend the United Nations

31 voters have answered this question.

Do you think the governments of the world in 2006 are working in the best interest of their citizens?

16% (5) Yes, of course!
58% (18) No, they are more concerned about money and power
25% (8) Actually, they are conspiring for world domination
0% (0) I don't care...what was the score of last night's game?

31 voters have answered this question.

Osama Bin Laden is

31% (9) the mastermind behind all the terrorist activity
13% (4) as big a threat as a snowflake in the desert
24% (7) a scapegoat for poll-driven politicians
20% (6) both b and c
10% (3) non-existent; made up as part of conspiracy

29 voters have answered this question.

Since 9/11, the world

16% (5) is entirely different, so we need to fight terrorism
23% (7) still consists of good and evil
26% (8) is the same as before; government still fails us
30% (9) both b and c
3% (1) Series was finally won by the Red Sox! Go Sox!

30 voters have answered this question.

The investigation about 9/11 was

29% (9) very informative; all my questions were answered
38% (12) a joke; I still don't have any answers
3% (1) huh? what's 9/11?
29% (9) a smokescreen to cover up a widespread conspiracy for a global police state

31 voters have answered this question.

Based on what they have or have not done since 9/11, the President and Congress should be

3% (1) awarded with medals of honor
26% (8) congratulated on jobs well done
13% (4) impeached, every one of them
23% (7) tried for treason
33% (10) both c and d

30 voters have answered this question.

Do you think the world will ever know what really happened on 9/11/01?

20% (6) What do you mean? We already know everything
33% (10) No, the conspiracy is too wide-spread
3% (1) I don't care and most people don't care
3% (1) both b and c
40% (12) Yes, it will all come out

30 voters have answered this question.

Did you enjoy this poll?

19% (6) Yes, it was well-done
19% (6) No, it sucked
58% (18) It was okay
3% (1) What poll? Is the game on tonight?

31 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2006-04-24 21:09:42 by patriot45
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