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History of Genocides and Democides

History has given us countless unfortunate examples of one people acting to eliminate another, and of governments conspiring to brainwash their citizenry into committing genocide (democide). State your views on the nature of genocide here.
Which century within the past 500 years saw the most deaths by genocide?
Which of the following do you believe contributes to genocide? (select all that apply)
Racial supremacy
Belief another group's existence is inconvenient
Crimes committed by the other group
Political brainwashing
Darwin's "survival of the fittest"
Which of the following figures do you hold the most negative opinion of?
Vlad Tepes (aka Dracula, aka the Impaler)
Adolf Hitler
Josef Stalin
Mao Tse-tung
Omar al-Bashir
Pol Pot
Hideki Tojo
Who were the ultimate villains of the 20th century?
The Bolsheviks
The Nazis
Imperial Japanese Army
On the subject of the Nazis, who do you believe was the most despicable officer?
Heinrich Himmler (commander of SS)
Odilo Globocnik (implementor of Aktion Reinhard)
Joseph Goebbels (propaganda minister)
Adolf Hitler (Fuhrer)
Christian Wirth (commander of Aktion-T4)
Adolf Eichmann (concentration camp commander)
Josef Mengele (physician at Auschwitz-Birkenau)
Reinhard Heydrich (head of Gestapo/Reich Secu.)
Who was more ruthless, Josef Mengele or Shiro Ishii?
They were equally horrible
Ishii is the worst
Mengele is the worst
Who the hell is Josef Mengele?
Who the hell is Shiro Ishii?
Who was the worst Nazi camp officer or physician?
Amon Goth (Plaszow)
Irma Grese (Auschwitz)
Dr. Josef Mengele (Auschwitz)
Dorothea Binz (Ravensbruck)
Rudolf HoB (Hoss/Auschwitz)
Ilse Koch (Buchenwald)
Dr. Herta Oberheuser (Ravensbruck)
Dr. Carl Clauberg (Auschwitz)
Dr. Kurt Gutzeit (Auschwitz)
Josef Kramer (Bergen-Belsen)
In your opinion, did the persons responsible for the Holocaust face due justice?
No, suicide does not constitute justice
No, execution does not constitute justice
Yes, those primarily responsble were hanged
No, Allied authorities let them off the hook
Yes, most were imprisoned or died shortly after
No, those primarily responsble escaped
Should Nazi medical research results (obtained from human experimentation) be used in the American medical community?
Yes, evil was committed but the data is reliable
No, it was obtained using evil methods
Yes, involuntary human experimentation is good
No, it's probably flawed data
Did the American officials overlook the atrocities committed by the Imperial Japanese Army (i.e. Rape of Nanking, Unit 731, etc.)
No, the Japanese commanders recieved due justice
Yes, our intelligence community wanted their data
Yes, and AMEN to that! They're heroes! (heh)
No, the Japanese eluded the Allied forces
Do you believe a major genocide on the scale of the Nazi Holocaust or worse will occur within the next 25 years?
Highly unlikely
Absolutely not
Shortly thereafter
50 years from today
Dr. Stanley Milgram of Harvard conducted experiments examining the compliance of the common citizen in acts of torture, and was surprised to find the average citizen capable of inflicting pain on their fellow man. Do you believe you could commit torture? (Check all that apply)
Absolutely, torture makes me horny
Never, it's inhumane regardless of circumstances
Only if the "torturee" was a ruthless person
If it would save my life
If I was paid lucratively to do it
It would depend on the method of torture
No, I'd probably go to prison for it
What do you propose as adequate punishment for someone guilty of abetting genocide?
Life imprisonment
Hanging by foreign force
Hanging by targeted people
Shorter prison sentence
Experiencing the pain of acts they committed
Let 'em walk
Other (detail in comments, please)
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