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all about book, movie, and tv characters
Favorite Female character in a book?
alice (alice in wonderland)
anna percy (the a-list)
anne shirley (anne of green gables)
blair waldorf (gossip girl)
bridget jones
catherine earnshaw (wuthering heights)
dorothy gale (wizard of oz)
elizabeth bennet (pride and prejudice)
elizabeth miller (first assistant)
elphaba (wicked)
gaia moore (fearless)
georgia nicolson (angus, thongs, and full-frontal snogging)
hermione granger (harry potter)
isabella swan (twilight)
jane eyre
jennifer humphrey (gossip girl & it girl)
jessica darling (sloppy firsts)
jessica wakefield (sweet valley)
josephine march (little women)
leslie burke (bridge to terabithia)
massie block (the clique)
meg (a wrinkle in time)
mia thermopolis
nancy drew
nurse ratched (one flew over the cuckoo's nest)
scarlett o'hara (gone with the wind)
scout finch (to kill a mockingbird)
serena van der woodsen (gossip girl)
violet (series of unfortunate events)
sara miller (sara)
alexandria st. laurent (south beach)
annie wilkes (misery)
becky bloomwood (shopaholic)
blanche dubois (a streetcar named desire)
charlotte (charlotte's web)
darcy rhone (something borrowed & blue)
dawn rochelle (six months to live)
elinor dashwood (sense & sensibility)
elizabeth wakefield (sweet valley)
emma woodhouse (emma)
frances gidget lawrence (gidget)
gemma doyle (a great & terrible beauty)
gracie pollock (starter wife)
janie crawford (their eyes were watching god)
jenna blake (body of evidence)
lena kaligaris (sisterhood of the traveling pants)
zoey passmore (making out)
Favorite Male character in a book?
atticus finch (to kill a mockingbird)
charles wallace (a wrinkle in time)
edward cullen (twilight)
gandalf (lord of the rings)
hannibal lecter
harry potter
heathcliff (wuthering heights)
holden caulfield (catcher in the rye)
huckleberry finn
jay gatsby (the great gatsby)
lestat (vampire chronicles)
mr. darcy (pride and prejudice)
mr. rochester (jane eyre)
patrick bateman (american psycho)
ponyboy curtis (the outsiders)
severus snape (harry potter)
sherlock holmes
willy wonka
mr. knightley (emma)
Tom Sawyer
Favorite Female Character in a Movie?
alex forrest (fatal attraction)
annie hall (annie hall)
annie wilkes (misery)
blanche dubois (streetcar named desire)
bonnie parker (bonnie & clyde)
bridget jones (bridget jones's diary)
buffy (buffy the vampire slayer)
carrie white (carrie)
catherine tramell (basic instinct)
cecelia bloom (beaches)
cher horowitz (clueless)
clarice starling (silence of the lambs)
dorothy gale (wizard of oz)
eliza doolittle (my fair lady)
elizabeth bennet (pride & prejudice)
elle woods (legally blonde)
ellen ripley (aliens)
emma woodhouse (emma)
erin brokovich (erin brokovich)
frances baby houseman (dirty dancing)
frances gidget lawrence (gidget)
hermione granger (harry potter)
holly golightly (breakfast at tiffany's)
joanna wilder (romancing the stone)
josephine march (little women)
josie gellar (never been kissed)
kat stratford (10 things I hate about you)
laurie strode (halloween)
lucy moderatz (while you were sleeping)
maggie fitzgerald (million dollar baby)
marge gunderson (fargo)
maria von trapp (sound of music)
mary poppins (mary poppins)
nurse ratched (one flew over the cuckoo's nest)
princess leia (star wars)
rose dewitt bukater (titanic)
sabrina fairchild (sabrina)
samantha baker (sixteen candles)
scarlett o'hara (gone with the wind)
scout finch (to kill a mockingbird)
susan vance (bringing up baby)
susy hendrix (wait until dark)
tracy lord (philadelphia story)
veronica sawyer (heathers)
wicked witch of the west (wizard of oz)
Favorite Male Character in a Movie?
atticus finch (to kill a mockingbird)
austin powers
butch cassidy (butch cassidy & sundance kid)
captain jack sparrow (pirates of the caribbean)
captain quint (jaws)
clyde barrow (bonnie & clyde)
danny ocean (ocean's 11)
danny zuko (grease)
darth vader (star wars)
dr. evil (austin powers)
edward scissorhands
ferris bueller (ferris bueller's day off)
forrest gump
frank serpico (serpico)
frank slade (scent of a woman)
freddy krueger (nightmare on elm street)
frodo baggins (lord of the rings)
george bailey (it's a wonderful life)
gollum (lord of the rings)
han solo (star wars)
hannibal lecter (silence of the lambs)
harry potter
indiana jones (indiana jones)
jack torrance (shining)
jake ryan (sixteen candles)
james bond
jason bourne (bourne identity)
jason voorhees
john bender (breakfast club)
joker (batman)
lestat (interview with the vampire)
lester burham (american beauty)
lloyd dobbler (say anything)
marty mcfly (back to the future)
michael corleone (godfather)
norman bates (psycho)
patrick bateman (american psycho)
phil connors (groundhog day)
randle mcmurphy (one flew over the cuckoo's nest)
rick blaine (casablanca)
rocky balboa
sebastian valmont (cruel intentions)
stanley kowalski (a streetcar named desire)
terry malloy (on the waterfront)
tony montana (scarface)
trent walker (swingers)
tyler durden (fight club)
vito corleone (godfather)
Favorite Female Character in a TV Series?
addison montgomery (private practice)
angela martin (the office)
betty suarez (ugly betty)
blair waldorf (gossip girl)
bree van de camp (desperate housewives)
brenda walsh (beverly hills 90210)
brooke davis (one tree hill)
buffy summers (buffy the vampire slayer)
carrie bradshaw (sex and the city)
charlotte york (sex and the city)
christina yang (grey's anatomy)
cindy "mac" mackenzie (veronica mars)
claire bennett (heroes)
deb scott (one tree hill)
debra barone (everybody loves raymond)
donna pinciotti (that 70's show)
edie britt (desperate housewives)
elliot reid (scrubs)
faith (buffy the vampire slayer)
felicity porter (felicity)
frances gidget lawrence
gabrielle solis (desperate housewives)
grace adler (will & Grace)
izzie stevens (grey's anatomy)
jen lindley (dawson's creek)
jessica sanders (heroes)
joey potter (dawson's creek)
karen walker (will & grace)
kate austen (lost)
kelly kapowski (saved by the bell)
kelly taylor (beverly hills 90210)
kirsten cohen (the o.c.)
kitty walker (brothers & sisters)
lily aldren (how I met your mother)
liz lemon (30 rock)
lorelai gilmore (gilmore girls)
lynette scavo (desperate housewives)
marie barone (everybody loves raymond)
marissa cooper (the o.c.)
mary connell (las vegas)
melinda gordon (ghost whisperer)
miranda bailey (grey's anatomy)
miranda hobbes (sex and the city)
monica geller (friends)
nora walker (brothers & sisters)
paige matthews (charmed)
pam beesly (office)
paris gellar (gilmore girls)
peyton sawyer (one tree hill)
phoebe buffay (friends)
phoebe halliwell (charmed)
piper halliwell (charmed)
prue halliwell (charmed)
rachel gatina (one tree hill)
rachel green (friends)
robin scherbatsky (how I met your mother)
rory gilmore (gilmore girls)
rosario salazar (will & grace)
samantha jane marquez (las vegas)
samantha jones (sex and the city)
sarah whedon (brothers & sisters)
serena van der woodsen (gossip girl)
summer roberts (the o.c.)
susan mayer (desperate housewives)
sydney bristow (alias)
veronica mars (veronica mars)
wihelmina slater (ugly betty)
willow rosenberg (buffy the vampire slayer)
Favorite Male Character in a TV Series?
angel (buffy the vampire slayer & angel)
arthur "fonzie" fonzarelli (happy days)
arvin sloane (alias)
barney stinson (how I met your mother)
ben covington (felicity)
brandon walsh (beverly hills 90210)
chandler bing (friends)
chuck bass (gossip girl)
danny mccoy (las vegas)
david silver (beverly hills 90210)
dawson leery (dawson's creek)
dean winchester (supernatural)
dr. bob kelso (scrubs)
dr. perry cox (scrubs)
dwight schrute (the office)
dylan mckay (beverly hills 90210)
ed deline (las vegas)
eli "weevil" navarro (veronica mars)
eric weiss (alias)
fez (that 70's show)
frank barone (everybody loves raymond)
hiro nakamura (heroes)
homer simpson (the simpsons)
jack bristow (alias)
jack donaghy (30 rock)
jack mcfarland (will & grace)
jack shepard (lost)
james sawyer ford (lost)
janitor (scrubs)
jess mariano (gilmore girls)
jim halpert (office)
joey tribiani (friends)
john dorian (scrubs)
john locke (lost)
justin walker (brothers & sisters)
keith mars (veronica mars)
kevin walker (brothers & sisters)
leo wyatt (charmed)
logan echolls (veronica mars)
lucas scott (one tree hill)
malcolm reynolds (firefly)
marshall eriksen (how I met your mother)
michael kelso (that 70's show)
michael scott (the office)
michael vaughn (alias)
mike cannon (las vegas)
mr. big (sex and the city)
noel crane (felicity)
pacey witter (dawson's creek)
peter petrelli (heroes)
professor rick payne (ghost whisperer)
raymond barone (everybody loves raymond)
red foreman (that 70's show)
robert barone (everybody loves raymond)
ryan atwood (the o.c.)
sayid jarrah (lost)
seth cohen (the o.c.)
spike (buffy the vampire slayer & angel)
steven hyde (that 70's show)
sylar (heroes)
ted mosby (how I met your mother)
tracy jordan (30 rock)
will truman (will & grace)
zach morris (saved by the bell)
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