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Feminize white males

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How many women want to feminize all white males and to what extent this should be done?

Firstly, how many of you think the white male is redundant and are far infeior to their black male counterparts

85% (1186) Female 18 to 30 yes
14% (200) Female 18 to 30 no
0% (5) How should this be done

1391 voters have answered this question.

how many women would enter into a cuckold relationship with the white male being sissified and feminized

42% (606) yes
4% (59) no
41% (594) only if the swhite male was completeley feminized
11% (156) nly if my black lover would allow it

1415 voters have answered this question.

how would the feminization of the white male be complted

33% (472) by force
9% (128) blackmail
31% (447) by your lover who is obviously far the superior to the white sissy
25% (367) secretly giving him estrogen

1414 voters have answered this question.

what would you require your sissy to be involved in the relationship

32% (451) servant to you, ie ladies maid
49% (693) servant to your lovers needs i.e.. oral
18% (257) house boy, chores cleaning etc

1401 voters have answered this question.

would your sissy wear chastity belt

25% (356) yes
36% (511) yes but i am the only key holder
23% (326) yes but my lover is the only key holder
15% (214) sissy should be able to control himself

1407 voters have answered this question.

lastly, why do you think white males should be feminized

22% (310) theyre masculinity could never match that of a black mans
5% (79) for all the missdeeds the white males have done in society
11% (155) because i think its funny
61% (860) white males will never be men lets face it, they may as well all sart taking estrogen and become the feminized sissies theyre chromozones meant them to be, also to become the slaves of all women

1404 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2007-09-13 10:59:54 by Lara_warren
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