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Morgan Webb vs Kristen Holt catfight round 2

You think that this duo's rivalry would end. Well thankfully its hasn't. These two G4 vixens rise up to fight each other again. It all starts when Kriten Holt gets mad. Her G4 rival Morgan Webb is gaining more popularity with each magazine showing. Everyone on the internat is raving how hot and intelligent she is. She decides to challenge Morgan to a bikini contest, to prove that sho is hotter. Morgan accepts and the two do a special showing the event.
Morgan shows up to the bikini contest wearing a black bikini and thong while Kristen a red bikini and thong. The two do their stuff and compete aganist each other to convince they are hotter. The fans decide who better, and after much cheering, the winner is
Morgan Webb
Kristen Holt
The victor prances about, being adored by fans while the loser appears stunned by the outcome. the loser gets anger and runs up to the victor and suddenly
Morgan Webb slaps Kristen Holt in the face
Kristen Holt slaps Morgan Webb in the face
The two girls start going at it, scratching and clawing until
Morgan Webb gives Kristen a painful leg hold
Kristen Holt pulls at Morgan's hair.
The two girls still go at, in front of stunned fans until
Morgan gives Kristen a suplex
Kristen gives Morgan a body slam
The fight gets even more intense and desperate, each girl giving it all until
Morgan gives Kristen a wedgie and spanks her a few times
Kristen pins Morgan and punches her breasts a few times
The two exhausted after much fighting keep going at until
Morgan presses her breasts against Kristen's face and smothers her into unconciouness, winning the fight
Kristen sits on Morgan's face and smother her into unconciouness, winning the fight
The winner prances herself around the cheering fans and looks down on her opponent and decides to make this personal and suddenly
Morgan strips Kristen of her bikini and thong, leaving her opponent naked and humiliated.
Kristen strips Morgan of her bikini and thong, leaving her opponent naked and humiliated.
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This poll was created on 2007-01-26 22:01:32 by Halomercenary91