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Dynasty Warriors In-Depth Poll

A poll for those die hard DW fans.
Cao Cao versus Liu Bei, what is your opinion on the history of these two?
Just like the game, Liu Bei was a just ruler fighting to restore the Han.
Cao Cao was percieved as evil by Koei, but actually did good.
They were equal, both doing bad and good.
Not sure, i don't really like or care about either.
Who should "graduate" to Dynasty Warrior status for future games to come?
Liao Hua
Zhou Cang
Ma Dai
Han Sui
Deng Ai
Cao Hong
Ji Ling
Yan Liang
Wen Chou
Gao Shun
Han Dang
Cheng Pu
If Lu Bu was ever forced to dual someone, who'd be the one to slay him?
Ma Chao
Zhao Yun
Taishi Ci
Gan Ning
Dian Wei
Xiahou Dun
Thats hard to tell
If it had not been for Liu Bei's three visits, who might Zhuge Liang have wanted to joined?
Shu, he was destined to help Liu Bei because of his virtue.
Wei, Cao Cao had massed many great minds, he would have enjoyed debates, poem contests, good friends etc.
Wu, to be with his brother of course!
No one, he'd probably just enjoy the secluded life.
Lu Bu, in your personal opinion, who was he deep down?
The baddest mother ****er, like the game and books say he was, just out for blood!
A troubled youngster that had no real guidence and knew no better and so fought.
A normal man that was filled with love for Diao Chan, and love gave him something to fight for.
Actually he was probably not as great as history eventually made him out to be.
Who was the best all around warrior, with smarts and strength?
Zhang Liao
Lu Meng
Lu Xun
Ma Chao
Guan Yu
Xu Huang
Zhou Yu
Jiang Wei
If it had not been for the unfortunate events that lead to Guan Yu demise, how else would his life ended?
Old Age.
In a Dual.
During a huge battle.
Slipping on a bananna peel.
He wouldn't he would live in ghost form just like Yoda and other Jedi Knights.
If Liu Bei had to pick a "favorite" who would it be?
Zhuge Liang, for his invaluable schemes
Guan Yu, for his balanced attributes as an officer
Zhang Fei, for strength and loyalty...and ability to drink his wine
This poll was created on 2007-01-18 04:53:08 by PeaceMaker