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parents, question.

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ok this poll is about video games and movies, why is it that parents nowadays don't care if a game is violent or has graphic killings in it but do care if there is brief nudity? this is honestly the stupidest thing ever, i see parents protesting game releases because it shows a boob but they don't care if it just has violence in it, we were born nude and every single one of us has seen ourselves and or somone else naked, its nothing to be ashamed of and if you're a parent that does this.....well im sorry but you're a moron.

do you let your kid play M games

8% (6) no
5% (4) if there's nudity they cant but just violence yes
29% (22) if its violent they cant but if its nudity then yes
5% (4) if its either then they can't
58% (43) it's just a game so yes they can play any game

74 voters have answered this question.

would you be more likely to let your kid play a game with brief nudity or a game thats exetremely violent?

12% (9) violent
53% (40) brief nudity
8% (6) neither
38% (29) either

75 voters have answered this question.

if you are one of those parents that don't mind violent games but despise nudity then why do you do it?

5% (3) i think nudity is gross
8% (5) i think nudity is wrong in games
6% (4) i think they will bite
84% (49) im not against it

58 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2007-02-20 11:38:30 by Birakon
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