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Various questions about Hell

Even in the Christian Church there has been much controversy about Hell throughout the centuries since Jesus came. Is Hell a literal place of burning fire? Is it a place of awesome separation from God? Is it simply the grave? (Jehovah's Witnesses believe that). Does it even exist? Or is it just a scare story? Give your opinions here.
1. Do you believe that there is some kind of Hell?
I'm not sure
No opinion
2. Which of the following is closest to your own idea of Hell?
An actual physical place, e.g. a planet of awesome terror and pain
A spiritual realm of torment and punishment
Death itself, the grave
A place or state of oblivion (unknowingness)
Something else
I have no idea
I don't believe in any kind of Hell
3. Are there degrees of Hell? In other words, do you believe that an unrepentant mass-murderer will suffer more in Hell than someone who was not nearly so wicked?
Yes, the worse your behaviour on Earth, the worse you suffer in Hell, if you die unrepentant
No, everyone in Hell gets punished the same
I'm not sure
No opinion
4. Do you believe that there are people being tortured in Hell right now?
No, it will not happen until after the Day of Judgement
No, for another reason
No, because Hell is not a place of torture
No, because there is no Hell
I don't know
It is not for me to judge
5. Do you believe that there is such a place as purgatory? This is supposedly a place where someone goes, if they are not good enough for Heaven, but are not that wicked either (i.e. if they lived a reasonably good life, but still had some fairly bad sins)
Yes, I believe Purgatory exists
No, Purgatory is a lie of the Devil
No, I do not believe Purgatory exists
I'm not sure
No opinion
6. If someone honestly tries to do their best in life, does not murder, does not deal in or take drugs, works hard, and helps others, but is NOT a Christian, do you honestly believe that God would send that person to Hell after death, to be tortured for all eternity?
I am a Christian, and yes, I believe that
I am a Christian, but no, I do not believe that
I am not a Christian, but yes, I believe that
I am not a Christian, and no, I do not believe that
I simply have no idea
It is not for me to judge
Other answer (feel free to post)
7. Who will be tortured in Hell for all eternity? (multi-select)
The Devil and his angels
Only the truly wicked, evil people who have not repented
Murderers, child rapists etc.
Despots (e.g. Hitler, Pol Pot)
Anyone who is not a Christian when they die
Everyone who does not go to Heaven
The maker of this poll on Misterpoll
I have no idea
It's not for me to judge
Others (I will post my opinions on the message board)
Others (but I'm too lazy to post my opinions)
No-one at all
This poll was created on 2007-04-06 15:59:07 by Predator