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Could you be a rat owner?

Rats are one of the greatest pets around, and yet their bad rep inhibits their deserved popularity. Thinking about getting a rat? Take this quiz and be converted!
So, to start off, what's your opinion of rats right now?
People say they're nasty, so I go along with them
I think they're cute!
I have an open mind...
EW! Sick sewer-dwelling vermin
When someone says the word 'rat', what image springs to mind?
An oily, fat brown thing with a worm-like tail
A medium-size rodent with a pointy snout
A fluffy, beady-eyed little thing
A slim, sly and wily creature
OK, well now try to completely forget everything you 'know' about rats. Google 'black hooded rat'. What do you think of them
They look kinda cute
They look no different to any other rat
Oh my, where do I queue for one?
That's a rat?
Did you know that some rats are cleverer than most dogs?
Really? That's amazing.
Yes, I know a lot of random things
No, but that's kinda interesting
That can't be true, I'll prove you wrong!
Did you know that most pet shop owners will say they've been bitten by everything save for rats?
Wow, that's impressive
Uh-huh, clever, aren't I?
Nope, I'm learning a lot today lol
*off to the pet shop*
Have you owned rats in the past?
Oh yes, lots
One or two
No, but I've thought about it before
Does it annoy you when people label rats as disgusting?
Not really, I ignore them.
Yes, totally! The faggots! :P
I've never really asked peoples' opinions of them
No, they're entitled to their opinion
You mean they aren't?
Are you afraid of rats? (Tell the truth now ... ;) )
Uhh, nope, why, no, not me..*looks nervous*
What's to be scared of in a tiny rodent?
Yes! They scare the poop outta me!
No! They're adorable!
Think about this one. In a pet, is it not true that you want intelligence, loyalty and friendliness (as well as they're own unique cuteness)?
Yes, but not if it's contained in a rat
Of course
I don't even like pets!
Then why are you taking this quiz, dude above?
Would you find it amusing to have a pet that all your friends recoil at?
Haha, yes, I would feel superior
No, they'd never come to my house
Yes, because I could work on converting them lol
Umm NO! I like my friends!
I don't have any friends (sob)
Could you provide at least 3 hours entertainment for a rat every day?
Yes, I'd be more than happy to
Probably not, busy social life
Yeah, we can watch TV and stuff...
Who ever said I was getting a rat?
You might need to google them, but which rat colours are your favourite(s)?
Other rarer colours
No preference
Uhh, they all look the same - nasty!
Well, I can't be bothered writing any more questions, so I'll finish with this. You gonna get a rat now?
Yeah, I'll keep it in mind
I'll have to convince my parents! lol
Don't think so, but think better of them now
Absolutely, maybe I'll get about 12!
Nice try, I'll stick to bunnies :P
This poll was created on 2007-03-11 16:41:49 by RodentsGalore