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Fitting In On The Dance Floor

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Do you often lean against the bar, watching everyone bust it on the dance floor? Notorious for using the words "I don't dance"? Too shy? Too uncomfortable to get up and strut your stuff? Tell me what you want to learn, and I'll teach you all there is to know in order to look and feel confident on the dance floor!! Wanna know how to shake it like Shakira? Too many ladies turning you down because of your "funky chicken" impression? Or are you just not sure how to approach the situation? Post it here!

What would you want to learn, in order to look and feel more confident on the dance floor?

27% (3) Basic waltz for all those weddings.
45% (5) Shake it 101, to impress the guys.
36% (4) Moves to avoid.
45% (5) How to approach a woman on the floor.
36% (4) Hip Hop basics.
9% (1) All of the above.
18% (2) None of the above.

11 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2007-02-14 20:15:41 by Megz
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