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Virginia Tech Shootings

I have often wondered about the causes of such massacres. Is it due to public complacency or a private issue only. What do you think?
Do you know the definition of Asperger's Syndrome?
Do you know the definition of Schizophrenia?
Do you know the difference between the two?
Do you think either had anything to do with the shootings at Virginia Tech?
When do you think this all started?
Cho's early childhood [1-7]
Cho's educational early childhood [7-10]
Cho's educational late childhood [10-13]
Cho's High School experience [13-19]
Cho's college experience [19-23]
Do you think Cho planned this?
If you think Cho planned it, when do you suppose he began planning it?
Jr. High school
High School
1st year of college
2nd year of college
What events do you think lead to his assault?
Being discounted
Being charged with stalking
Being misjudged by his peers
The belief that he was bullied
The belief he was misjudged by his peers
Being called names as if he wasn't in the room or was inconsequencial
A chemical imbalance
He's intentionally evil
He is unintentionally evil
Being called an idiot at an early age
Being seperated from his creative writing class
Having the police called on him for what he may have considered simply an attempt to make a new friend
The perception of betrayal by his suitemates
The perception he wasn't allowed to play in any reindeer games; metaphorically
Of Cho's complaints which do you also find to be offensive?
Being called the trombone kid and other more aggregious names
Being singled out in class
Others acting on their own assumptions towards you
Physical bullying
Emotional Bullying
Being treated unfairly on a consistant basis with no recourse from those in authority around you
Being discriminated against due to class[ism]
Being treated like a freak for your poetry and writing
What do you think Cho suffered most often between these two choices?
Delusions of Grandeur
Delusions of Equality
How long did Cho stalk his first victim?
1 year
2 years
1 day
2 days
1 week
2 weeks
I don't know
How often did Cho stalk his first victim?
once a day
twice a day
more than twice a day
once a week
twice a week
more than twice a week
once a month
twice a month
more than twice a month
I don't know
Did Cho stalk anyone?
Were Cho's roomates correct to warn one of the girls of Cho and to tell her she shouldn't talk to him?
They were correct for telling her about him and for telling her not to talk to him
They were correct in telling her about him, but not in telling her to not talk to him
They were correct in telling her not to talk to him, but not correct for offering the information without her showing initial concern
They were incorrect for telling her not to talk to him and incorrect for offering information they were not asked
I don't know
Do you think Cho's roommates and peers instigated the attack by their own misconceptions about him in the first place
I don't know
Maybe, but I don't want to blame them
Probably not, but it's a possibility
Do you have your own theories on why he may have done it?
Yes, and I will post them in the message area
No, but I might post in the message area anyways
I don't really care
Even though Cho's actions were not justified, do you think any of his complaints were?
I don't care
Of these, what do you suppose incubated Cho's hostility?
Being Ostracized
A chemical imbalance
His own paranoia
Others paranoia
A misdiagnosis as a child
No follow up
Lack of communitty support
Lack of communitty intervention
Exaggerated communitty intervention
Perceived bullying
Failing at social interaction
Self imposed lonliness
Peer imposed lonliness
Consistantly being mischaracterized
His perception of having no identity
His perception of having no voice
Others perception of his lack of identity
Others perception that what he said or wrote was grotesque
Lack of understanding
When considering Cho and his possible motives and influences, which of these comes to mind?
Video Games Like Grand Theft Auto
the movie Oldboy
the movie The Waterboy
Japanime movies like Urutsokodoji; Legend of the Overfiend and Fist of the North Star
Movies like The Resevoire dogs
Eminems Song, featuring Dido, about a guy named Stan
Collective Soul's Song, Shine
Current Societal norms taken to the extreme
Traditional thought taken to the extreme
Hero worship based on blatently unheroic peo[ple [Eric Harris and Dylan Kleibold (sp?)]
"If you can't beat 'em; join 'em."
Delusions of Grandeur
Delusions of Equality
I don't care
Do oyu have any ideas on how to prevent this in the future or how to deal with those who committ crimes like this?
Yes, and I will post them on themessage boards
Why should I when I don't care?
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