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Human Nature- Would You, or Wouldn't You?

Human nature- are we basically good, or are we all just time bombs waiting for the right situation to be set off? How far will we go to meet our own ends?
Do you have at least one deep, dark secret?
Not one
A few
Got a minute?
What is the worst thing you would consider doing for 10 million dollars? Note that you would NOT get caught.
An act of treason
Murder a complete stranger
Ruin someone's reputation forever
Steal an object of great sentimental value
Tell a lie
None of the above
Do you consider yourself a good person?
Yes, I am a good person
Better than some, less than others
Not such a good person
I'm pond scum, really.
How many people do you believe deeply hate you at this moment?
Not any that I can think of
One person
Two or more
A great many
Which profession is the most despicable?
Tax collector
Which of the following, if any, is a good reason to kill someone? You may check as many as you like.
Only in self-defense
Revenge for a murdered loved one
Revenge for a ruined reputation
Personal hatred
Sport or fun
When is torture acceptable?
To save lives
In a war situation
Whenever information is needed.
Torture is never acceptable.
Anytime at all.
Do you believe that the majority of people are...
Basically good
Good unless it interferes with personal gain.
Self-serving and base
Basically evil
If you were offered three wishes, would you spend at least one wish on:
World peace
Ending world hunger and poverty
Curing epidemics
I would not use a single wish on any of the above.
If there was a modern coliseum in your home town, with every fight to the death, would you:
Go, bet money and enjoy it
Go and secretly enjoy it
Go, but be both horrified and interested
Go, and protest it
Not go at all
This poll was created on 2006-04-09 02:53:53 by KLPinAZ