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Do Girls Like to See Guys Naked (for girls only)

This is a poll for straight women to see if girls generally like seeing guys naked.
What best describes how you feel when you see a guy naked?
I am usually turned on sexually.
I like it, but I am not turned on.
I don't think guys are attractive when they are naked.
I am completely grossed out.
What guys do you like to see naked?
All guys, if males weren't allowed to wear clothes I would be in Heaven!
Most guys, I only wouldn't want to see really unattractive ones.
Only attractive guys, guys who are unattractive or just average don't interest me at all.
Only amazingly attractive guys, the only guys I am interested in seeing naked are movie stars or models, the rest are all just ugly.
Only my boyfriend/husband, most guys aren't really attractive naked.
I don't like seeing naked guys.
If it were possible to see your guy friends naked, would you want to see them naked.
Hell yes, this would be a dream come true!
Only the ones I thought were cute.
Only the ones I'd want to date.
Only the ones I wouldn't want to date.
This would be to creepy, I only like seeing guys I don't know naked unless I'm dating them.
No, guys are not attractive when they are naked.
If a male friend or aquaintance were to change there clothes in front of you and get completely naked in the process, would you:
Check him out openly. Hey, he's letting me look, it would be rude not to.
Check him out discretely.
Try not to check him out because it would be rude.
Not check him out because I'm not interested.
Turn my back to be polite.
Turn my back because naked guys are gross.
If you found a peephole into a Men's shower or at a gym or campground and you knew you couldn't get caught, would you:
Look, definitely. This chance will never come again.
Wouldn't look because I wouldn't want to invade their privacy.
Wouldn't look because I'm not interested.
If you and some of your girlfriends showed up at a swimming pool party or other event and the guys were naked, how would you feel?
That's AWESOME; I wish this happened all the time.
I'd be okay with it.
I'd be uncomfortable, but I'd stay.
I would leave.
If you were with a group of guys and you knew that if you asked them to, they would get naked in front of you, would you ask?
Hell yeah!
Yes, but I would be sort of embarrassed.
No, I would like them to get naked but I would be too embarrassed to ask.
No, I'm not interested.
No, that's gross.
In the question above, if the guys said they would let you see them naked, if you got naked to, what would you do?
I'd also get naked, that sounds fun!
I'd get naked, but I would be kind of embarrassed.
I'd like to see them naked, but not if I have to get naked.
I don't want to see them naked.
This is gross.
If you were to go to a party or an event where there were guys who were naked would YOU feel embarrassed?
Yes, very embarrassed.
Yes, a little embarrassed.
I would feel sort of embarrassed.
No, why would I feel embarrassed?
This poll was created on 2006-04-02 21:09:28 by mrbusta