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Gwen Stefani fantasy catfights

Is Gwen strong or wimp?It is only one way to find out
Gwen vs Emma Watson
Gwen wins easily with facesitting
Gwen wins after a long fight with kicks
Emma ltterally kicks Gwens butt
Gwen gives a fight but loses on the end
Gwen vs Chyna
Chyna bearhugs and kills Gwen
Chyna overpowers Gwen and she makes Gwen her sex slave
Gwen is smarter and faster and she defeats Chyna
Gwen cheats and wins
Gwen vs Britney Spears
Britney legsccisors Gwen and wins
Britney wins after hard battle
Gwen kicks and defeats Britney
Gwen is too strong for poor pop princes
Gwen vs Mary Kate Olsen
Mary Kate breaks Gwens nose after one punch and knocks her
Mary Kate bodyslams Gwen 20 times
Gwen sends Mary kate in hospital
Gwen beats Mary kate brutally
Gwen vs Samantha Fox
Gwen begs Samantha for mercy and she must to kiss samantha's butt
Samantha breastsmothers Gwen
Gwen easilly pins Samantha
Gwen wins bloody struglle
Gwen vs 12-years old girl
girl tosses Gwen several times
Gwen begs girl to not hurt her
Gwen teaches girl a lesson
Gwen cheats and wins
Gwen vs Joss Stone
Joss makes Gwen cry
Joss brutally beats Gwen
One punch and Joss is out
Joss is no match for Gwens super strenght
Gwen vs Avril Lavigne
Avril makes Gwen to taste her feet
Avril is a winner after a long fight
Gwen throws Avril out
Gwen is a totally dominate winer
Is Gwen strong?
kind of
Do you know anyone who would be good oponent for gwen?
Yes-I will post it
This poll was created on 2006-07-11 18:26:09 by pasha