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For all those of you who play Runescape!! here is a poll to see where you stand. Pls forward this link to all your runescape playing friends..so they too can vote!
How old are you?
10 or below
Over 40
Whats your gender? (Not in game...actual gender :P )
Are you a paid member? (If you have more than 1 runescape accounts...pls answer as 'member' even if you have atleast 1 member account)
I have a member account
I play for Free
I have a mixed account (was/is member)
How long have u been playing the game? (answer about your oldest account in game)
Less than a month
1-6 months
7-12 months
1-2 years
more than 2 years
On an average how many hours do you play Runescape in a week?
Less than 3 hours
3 to 6 hours
7 to 12 hours
12 to 18 hours
More than 18 hours
What skill levels are most of your skills at?
Lvl 1 - Lvl 15
Lvl 16 - lvl 30
lvl 31 - lvl 50
lvl 51 - lvl 70
lvl 70 - lvl 85
Above lvl 85
If you sold all your items in bank and totalled the money...how rich would you be? (please answer for your richest account in the game)
Less than 500k gp
500k to 1 million gp
1 to 5 million gp
5 to 15 million gp
15 to 50 million gp
50 to 100 million gp
100-300 million gp
over 300 million gp
What is your ultimate goal in Runescape?
Get a complete party hat set
have all skills over 90
Have atleast 1 skill at lvl 99
How long do you think will you play this game?
Maybe another 6 months
6 - 12 months
1-3 years
over 3 years
depends if I find a better game
Would you ever want to revert to the other kind of account? (if you are a member...would you want to be a non-member? if you are a non-member...would you want to be a member?)
I am a non-member...I want to be a member for sure!
I am a non-member...I may want to be a member.
I am a non-member....I never want to be a member.
I am a member...I really want to be a non-member
I am a member...why the hell would I want to be a non-member
Is Runescape the best game you have ever played?
Yes it is the best game I have played and I have played it longer than any other game
Yes it is the best game I have played...but I have played other games for longer times
No way...it is not the best game...but I have played it longer than other games
No..it is not the best game..and I have played it for lesser time than other games
Did you like this poll and are you eager to see the results of this poll?
Did you please vote in my other poll too? http://www.misterpoll.com/665381463.html
Yes I did
No I didnt...but I will
No I did not and wont
This poll was created on 2006-03-20 20:28:00 by bss4uo