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Shorts in Cold Weather?

People wearing shorts in cold temperatures is now seen commonly. What is your opinion?
What is your sex?
What is your age range
under 15
15 to 22
23 to 33
34 to 54
Over 55
What is the coldest climate you will wear shorts outdoors.
Any temperatures-Below freezing
Cold Climate-32F to 50F
Cool Climate-51F to 65F
Warm Climate-66F to 75F
Hot Climate-75F and above
I never wear shorts
If applicable what best represents the reason you wear shorts in cold weather?
I like to show off my tanned legs
I like to show my nicely defined calves and quadriceps ect.
I like the feeling of cold air on my bare legs
It makes me feel "tough"
I like the look and glances I get.
It's convenient-I have a limited wardrobe.
Because it is the "cool thing" to do.
If applicable why don't you wear shorts in cold weather?
I am adverse to cold weather.
I want to avoid getting a cold or the flu.
I do not like to show off.
It's a fad and I refuse to participate.
My shorts are in storage during the cold weather.
I do not own shorts
I avoid the cold or flu when wearing shorts when cold by:
Limiting exposure
Wearing a hat
Drinking hot drinks-(Coffee-Tea)
Drinking Alcohol
I find people who wear shorts in cold weather to be:
Risking their health.
Show good health habits by being active.
Do you or would you let your children wear shorts in cold weather.
Yes-If they are prudent and not extreme. I would not be very concerned at all.
Maybe-it depends on other factors.
No-They could get sick. Shorts are not for cold weather
This poll was created on 2006-03-06 04:04:56 by vss85