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Paternal Prerequisites

What do I do!?
With a girlfriend, comes an obvious trend towards domestication. It is inevitable, however I can fight this off for a while. I have to choose my battles wisely though. Should I let Ashlee rearrange my closet space and put my clothes in tupperware??
Go for it buddy, it can't be all that bad. Besides, maybe she'll finally find that old lunch and those gym clothes that have been stinking up the entire house for the last 18 months. You can deffinately use a woman around the house.
No way man, she wants you to conform. Damn the man... err wo-man! Next thing you know, she'll be throwing away your clothes that she doesn't like, and you'll be running to the store to pick up Tampax Pearls you puppet!
Ooh, thats a tough one... it's okay as long as you hide all of your Playboy mags and pictures of exes. Lord knows you don't need her to be folding your underwear, and suddenly come across a picture of you and Suzie Rottencrotch dressed in full on leather!
This poll was created on 2006-03-26 20:46:35 by freddyflyguy