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Slavery to Hilary Duff

A poll about being enslaved to the gorgeous goddess Hilary Duff.
Do you like Hilary Duff?
Like her? I love her!
No. I'm such a stupid idiot.
How would you rate Hilary's looks?
Soooooo hot, they can't be beat!
None of the above. Okay, I admit it--I'm wrong.
Which look is better?
EVERYTHING! She's fricken hot!
You are Hilary Duff's slave and worshipper. Which things would you like to do to/for her?
Worship her feet
Worship her ass (kiss it all over and massage it)
Worship her legs
Worship her beautiful stomach with kisses
Worship her boobs
Let her use me as a footrest while she watches TV
Do anything she wants me to do for her, to her, or to myself
Pray to her every time I see her
Worshipping her as my absolute Goddess
Smelling her hair
Smelling her farts
Licking and kissing her ass while she farts
Eat her poop and/or drink her pee
Feed her whatever food in whatever way she wants
Buy her anything she wants
Bowing down before her while she watches TV or sits on a couch in front of me
Let her beat me senselessly, even for doing nothing wrong
Beg her to whip me when I displease her
Let her walk all over me (with or without shoes)
Beg her to walk all over me (with or without shoes)
Lick and kiss and smell her shoes
Ask her to sit on my face in jeans, panties, or naked
Kiss all over her body if she lets me
Wash her clothes
Smell her clothes
Suck on her panties and socks
Let her walk me on the street with a leash
Proclaim to everyone that I am my Mistress's slave
Call Hilary either My Mistress, My Goddess, Mistress, or Goddess
Create a shrine for her
Stare at her all the time
Beg her to wear clothes that show off her beauty and sexiness
Beg her to let me lick her ass, especially when she's gone to the bathroom
Beg her to allow me to be her only toilet paper
Ask that she forgive you for all your sins
Ask that she have me do all domestic chores for her
Allow her to *use* me in any way she wants ;)
Allow her to, at parties, have me do whatever she says
Ask her to forbid me to do certain things that really aren't anything wrong
If she's not happy, ask her to do anything to me or have me do anything for her
Have me scrub her floors and do all sorts of "dirty cleaning"
Eat only her food scraps if she orders it
Eat only her food scraps no matter what, because I deserve nothing more
Worship her body in jeans
Rub my face and head against her jeans-wearing ass
Sleep on the floor of her room or another room with absolutely no covers or anyt
Live with her and have almost no posessions whatsoever
Beg her to simply beat on me
Ask that she squeeze my head in between her legs (especially in jeans)
Kiss all around her private area, especially in her jeans
Kiss all around her body, worshipping her
Give her daily massages
Tell her how beautiful and sexy she is every day
Ask if I can chew her already-chewed chewing gum
I don't want to be a slave for her (How could I not want to be a slave for Hilar
I don't want to be a slave for her (I'm such a fool)
Simply put, I want to do EVERYTHING on that list! I want to be her slave for the
Which of these do you agree with?
I'm a girl and I would do some of these things!
I'm a girl and I would do most of those things!
I'm a girl and I would do ALL of those things!
I'm a guy and I NEED to do ALL of those things
I'm a guy and I NEED to do most of those things
I'm a guy and I NEED to do a lot of those things
I'm a guy and I REALLY want to be her slave
I'm a girl and I REALLY want to be her slave
I'm a girl and I REALLY want to be her slave. I mean, those things just made me really, really hot...
Which would you like more?
Being a slave for, worshipping Hilary Duff as a Goddess, AND kissing her ass and lips?
Kissing Hilary Duff's lips?
Meeting Hilary Duff?
Kissing Hilary Duff's ass?
Worshipping Hilary Duff as a goddess?
Being a slave for AND worshipping Hilary Duff as a Goddess?
Being a Slave for Hilary Duff?
Everything listed there and all the things in the above list?
Do you worship Hilary Duff?
Yes! She is my Goddess and I do all sorts of religious ceremonies for her!
In a normal idolistic way
Is Hilary Duff the hottest girl?
Hell yeah!
Are you obsessed with Hilary Duff?
Yes, so totally!
Clearly I absolutely adore and worship Hilary Duff. Do you think...
I'm completely right! Hilary Duff is a Goddess and we should all worship her and be her slaves.
I'm not necessarily right, but how I am is okay.
I'm completely healthy and this is just a little bit of obsession going a bit too far?
I'm crazy or mentally unstable or something?
I just went off track and need some help to get back on?
Meh. I just think Hilary's fricken hot! :D
If Hilary Duff had some boots on, would you like it if "one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you?"
HELL YEAH! Walk all over me, Hilary baby!
This poll was created on 2006-02-28 03:36:03 by Hilary Slave