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Final Fantasy X poll!!!!!!!! :D

Fianl Fantasy X is a cool game, and every cool game deserves a poll, so here it is!
Did you like Final Fantasy X?
DUH! It was the best ever!
It was way cool!
It was okay
didn't really like it
HATED IT!(Don't you dare pick this...)
Which was better, Final Fantasy X or Final Fantasy VII?(by the way, I making another poll on that!)
Final Fantasy VII(I have to agree)
Final Fantasy X(excellent but not as good as VII)
I have not played Final Fantasy VII(what is wrong with you!?)
I have not played either(why are you taking this poll)
I prefer a different FF
Who was the best character in battle(don't base it on looks)
Auron(doncha just love unnessesarily large swords!)
Was Final Fantasy X-2 retarded?
Heck yes, it ruined everything that Final Fantasy stood for!(yep!)
Nope, I loved it(...?)
It was okay...
good but not the best
Which of the different "groups" in Spira was the best?
The freakin' awesome Al Bhed!!!
The Ronso!!!!!!!
Which of the extra aeons are better?
Yojimbo(I am in love with mercenaries, so I love mercenary aeons, too!!!!!!!!)
Magus Sisters
How many times have you played Final Fantasy X?
Only once...
Three times!
Four to Five times!!
...I lost track after six...
Please only answer this question if you are a girl, but are guys ever surprised to find out that you play Final Fantasy games?
Yes, that happens all the time to me!(stupid boys!)
Its happened only once or twice, but I still found it annoying!
...what?...thats never happened to me...
How is this poll so far?
I have no idea how I got here and want to get out of this poll as soon as possible!!
...I am starting to wish that I had went to my dentist appointment instead!
Thanks for the support, I am sure that you said the poll was great! On to the next question! What is your usual battle strategy?
Attack a lot!!
It depends on the situation.
More attack in random encounters, more magic in boss battles.
More magic in random encounters, more attack in boss battles.
Attack and magic evenly
What is the most useful magic?
White magic (Cure, esuna, haste)
Black magic (Fire, Ice, Ultima)
I never use magic
Do you think that it is a good idea to be able to control the actions of aeon in Final Fantasy X?
Yes! Of Course! I love aeons!
No, I liked the summon monster systems in other Final Fantasy games better.
No, I think aeons are gay! (Hey! Thats not nice!)
I like this system, but the other Final Fantasy summon systems worked fine, too.
This poll was created on 2006-03-02 19:00:26 by Final_Fantasy_girl