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Are you going to heaven or hell?

Everyone says they are going to heaven. But why? What does it take? You MUST be sure, you can't afford to be wrong. Do you think you are a good person? Good enough to go to heaven? Take this poll and see. Any concerns, visit needGod.com and livingwaters.com.
Are you a good person?
Yes, I am a good person
Yes, I am a VERY good person!
I'm not perfect, but I haven't killed anyone
No, I'm not a very good person
Do you think you've kept the Ten Commandments?
Yes, I've kept the Ten Commandments
I've kept some of them, but not all
No, I have not kept the Ten Commandments
Have you ever Lied? If so, what does that make you?
I have lied, but that just makes me human
I've lied, but only little white lies
I have lied, and that makes me a liar
Have you ever stolen, even something small years ago? If so, what does that make you?
I have stolen, but only something small as a kid
I have stolen more than once
I have not ever taken anything my entire life
I have stolen once, which makes me a theif
Have you ever spoken God's name in vain? (Blasphemy)
Never. Not once have I even said "Oh my G-d!"
Yes, I have spoken God's name in vain
Have you ever lusted after a woman or man? Jesus said lust is adultery of the heart, ever done that?
Yes, I have looked at someone with lust
I've never looked at a person with sexual desire
If God were to judge you by His standard on judgment day, the Ten commandments, would you be innocent or guilty?
Would you then go to heaven or hell?
Innocent, so I would go to heaven
Guilty, so I know I'd go to hell
Why? (See last question)
Heaven, because God doesn't punish sin at all
Heaven, because God will overlook my sins
Hell, because I am guily of breaking His laws
If hell, does that concern you? Would you do something about it?
No, I'm not concerned
No, because my friends will be there
Yes, I'm concerned. (See top statement or bottom link for help)
This poll was created on 2006-02-25 20:55:41 by Steve Finley