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Are People Born Gay? (Poll for Straights and Gays)

I'm a bit confused on whether people are born gay or whether they just decide to be gay or whatever i don't know... help me out!
Do you think that people are born gay?
Yes, and they can't change how they are or stop their feelings
Yes, but they can change who they are and stop their feelings
Maybe some are, and some aren't
No, they grow up and see gays around them and decide they would rather be like that
No, they are born straight but then gayness just develops in them and they can't do much about it
Do you think people who are gay can change their sexuality and become straight?
Yes, with a lot of trying
Yes, possibly
If a guy has feelings for another guy very briefly in his teenage years during puberty, but they only last a short while, does this make him gay, even if he's had feelings for a few girls already?
No, its just a hormonal/puberty thing that's out of his control, he'll grow out of it and like girls again
No, he might be bisexual though
Are you gay?
Yes (lesbian)
Yes (gay)
No (female)
No (male)
For straight people: Have you ever had uncontrollable feelings for the same sex but they have since gone a way?
Yes, brief feelings and i was enjoying them
Yes, brief feelings but i tried to get rid of them
Yes, strong feelings and i was enjoying them
Yes, strong feelings but i tried to get rid of them
If you answered yes to the last question, what sort of feelings were they?
Sexual Fantasies
I Fell in love
Funny feelings in the vagina
For gays: Are you happy being gay?
Yes, never been happier
Yes, its OK
No, wish i was straight but it just won't work for me
No, but i don't wish i was straight either
For gays: If you are not happy being gay or if you don't want to be gay, what do you do?
I don't have any sort of relationships because i can't get into a regualar(not gay) relationship and i don't like the feeling of being gay. I don't agree with being gay so therefore i just have to not enter the dating scene.
I've gotten therapy/counscelling to try and fix up my head to think "straight"
I've learnt to live with it
I've run away and hidden from the world - i'm too ashamed
I've had a sex change
I'm on drugs to try and make myself like the opposite sex
Other - please post
For Gays: Can you understand why you're gay?
No, i can't, but i'm happy being gay.
No, i can't! I don't want to be gay, but my mind just works that way for some reason
Yes, i can understand.
How old were you when you discovered you were gay?
Under 12
in 20s
in 30s
in 40s or above
Still not sure if i am or not
The Christian Faith is against being gay, so therefore, gays musn't have been born gay, otherwise the Faith would be hypocrytical - it would be God putting Gay people on the earth but at the same time, He does not believe in Gayness. Do agree with this statement?
Yes, gays are not born gay
No, gays can be born gay
No, gays are born gay, and God puts them on earth Gay, but it is a test for the gay person not to fall into tempetation and begin gay relationships. Being gay is like being handicapped - you just have to live with the disadvantage
Have you been gay but have become straight?
Yes, i became straight again
Yes, i think i was born gay but taught myself to be straight
No, i like being gay
Do you believe that gayness is a result of a chemical or hormonal imbalance in the gay person's brain?
Yes, it would have been that way when the gay person was in the mother's tummy
Yes, it would have been that way since the gay person was a child
Yes, the imbalance would have occured when the gay person went through puberty
Yes, the imbalnce would have occured after puberty
No, there is no chemical imbalance.
Are you of any kind of religion?
Other Christian
This poll was created on 2006-02-25 11:13:49 by dd03