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Vote for Me!

Barring any successful attempts to change term limits, George W. will have to go soon. As an alternative I offer a swell candidate--ME!
Will you vote for me?
Only if held at gunpoint.
Kill the liberals.
If you choose not to vote for me, who will you vote for?
Whatever spineless, god-hating pansy the Democrats run this time.
Any Republican--all of whom are national heroes just by being members of the party.
A write-in candidate
A third party candidate--I love to throw my vote away
If you are thinking about voting for me, which of the following campaign promises would help you decide in my favor?
I will continue to blow up Iraqi civilians on a daily basis.
I will continue to divert public funds into my own pocket for private use.
I will continue to strike fear into the hearts of the masses to help them promote freedom, liberty, and democracy.
I will set myself on fire in front of Constitution Hall.
I will eat live tomato worms on Fear Factor.
Finally, how interesteed are you in ME as a Republican candidate.
Very Interested.
Extremely Interested.
I can imagine no other candidate.
I hate you and I want my phone calls and Internet searches monitored for terrorist activity immediately.
This poll was created on 2006-01-31 20:41:21 by Dick Cheney